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The thought that is most likely linked to charter travel would have to be convenience. It is one of the main reasons to go by charter. Booking a charter jet means that all of the details are of your personal choice. You can enjoy the convenience of picking the location of the airport that fits perfectly into your plans, as well as the time that you wdesire- instead of an airline’s set schedule. Charter jets allow travelers to fly much nearer to their end destination so there isn't as much added travel time after landing.

Just imagine how lovely it would be to avoid all of those stressful airport procedures that make travelers feel more like a herd of animals. In essence, this means that you need to get to the airport to board at the time that you previously specified. All of the time that travelers normally set aside for waiting in the security and other endless lines is unneeded. Time is valuable and wasting it to check bags, having to take your shoes off and on, and all of the waiting that comes with commercial travel is simply unnecessary. Jet charter gives you the ability to avoid the airport and all of its frenzy while you take a few steps on the tarmac right to your jet.

One of the most attractive aspects of flying a charter jet is the lack of many of the limitations that we have all become accustomed to with commercial flight. There are no limits with luggage or worry over which bag to carry with you. The stress over carrying liquids is gone because there are no limits involved with those, either. You won't have a flight attendant demanding that you turn off your internet gadget and cell phone, or a security guard demanding that you toss your water bottle.

Instead of limits the client will receive options. One idea, on the larger jets, is to take the time in flight to have a relaxing massage or get a makeover with a haircut and makeup done. Whether for a business meeting or a big night on the town, all will be arranged for you to look your best with no time wasted after the flight. The options available to add to your flight are only limited by your imagination. If you can dream it, then we can make it happen. The food and particular delicacies that appeal to your palate, along with your favorite brand of hard to find Bordeaux, for instance,  will be waiting for you on board. With the seating arrangement on charter jets it is a lovely setting to nibble and chat or discuss last minute plans before the upcoming meeting. Whether you want to hang out in conversation or slip away to a private sleeping spot tucked away, the option is yours.

Because we believe that convenience includes excellent service, we provide the utmost in concierge services. Whatever luxury or simple convenience that will make the trip complete, we are there for you. Getting you to, and arranging your hotel is just the next step. Whatever you and your traveling companions are looking for when you land will be set-up. Go straight from the jet to your reservation in a swanky restaurant or head out for a delightful spa experience. Convenience and service equal a satisfied traveler.