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Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport Charter Flights

Private Jet can handle all of your charter services needs to or from Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport Details

Type: Large Airport

Scheduled Service: Yes


Local Code: CVG


Elevation: 896 Feet

Latitude: 39.0488

Longitude: -84.6678

Runways at Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport

Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport has 4 runways.

1 8000 Feet150 FeetCONYes
2 10000 Feet150 FeetCONYes
3 11000 Feet150 FeetPEMYes
4 12000 Feet150 FeetPEMYes

Radio Frequencies

Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport utilizes the following radio frequencies.

1 APPAPP119.700
2 ATISATIS134.375
3 CLDCLNC DEL127.175
4 DEPDEP126.650
5 GNDGND121.300
7 TWRTWR118.300

When Flying Your Family to Covington, Consider Private Jets

Sometimes it is necessary to charter a private flight in order to guarantee safe and prompt arrival at a destination. One must research charter operators and carefully choose the right one, since charter operators are not regulated by the FAA in the manner that commercial flights are. Potential passengers may have to check for themselves to ensure that the pilots are certified and that all staff meets any applicable desired standards. Chartered flights are expensive, and those choosing to travel this way are entitled to ask questions and to see proof of certification. Passengers should ask whatever questions they feel they need to ask in order to feel comfortable boarding the plane and landing in $New Jersey $EWR $Newark International Airport without adding to the stress of travel.

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When Flying Your Family to Covington, Consider Private Jets

Traveling is one of the more popular activities among many people. Whenever people travel they usually use a conventional commercial airline to travel. During this process they face some hassles such as delays, annoying passengers and security checks. As a result this can be a very dreadful way to travel at times. However there is an alternative to this form of travel. In order to avoid these hassles people can use a private jet. A private jet is a type of plane that is used to travel for private use. With a private jet people are able to travel on their own terms and not have to worry about dealing with the usual hassles of commercial air travel. Though private jets are very good to use, they are also quite expensive so people will need to pay a very high price to use one. When traveling by private jet from Covington, $airport code or $airport name using a private jet is among the best ways to travel.

What are the advantages of taking a private plan to $airport name? Anyone who has travelled to or from Covington, knows that $airport code is extremely busy with long lines and cumbersome, embarrassing security checks. Avoid these hassles by taking a private plane on your next business or personal flight. With a private plane, you are not subject to unnecessary, bureaucratic delays that can make you late for an important meeting or personal commitment. Take a private jet to avoid having to share a toilet or catering facilities with strangers. Choose the size of the jet, the passengers, crew and flight attendants, and the level of service you wish. The private jet will depart and arrive based on your schedule, not at their own convenience. Enjoy punctuality and professionalism at its highest with a private jet.