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Sikorsky S-76

One of the great advantages of chartering a helicopter is that you can avoid the congestion of a crowded city and get to your destination in a much shorter time. The Sikorsky S-76 helicopter is a medium-sized helicopter that is suitable for short trips of up to about 300 miles. That means that a businessman can charter a helicopter from New York City and be in Philadelphia in less than an hour. That same trip by car would require a good 3 hours as one would have to negotiate NYC traffic and head down the NJ Turnpike until they reached Philadelphia, some 90 miles away.

Sikorsky is the first name in helicopters. It was Igor Sikorsky who was responsible for the earliest helicopter flights. After his successful 1939 flight, helicopters became a mainstay for military use as well as personal and business flight. The advantage of chartering a helicopter instead of a small business jet is that a helicopter can land just about anywhere. Whether you are attending a business conference in the heart of the City or you are getting ready to take a cruise to the Caribbean, you can arrive in style aboard the Sikorsky S-76.

The Sikorsky S-76 can accommodate from 4-6 passengers in a luxurious cabin. Thick leather chairs are extremely comfortable and the cabin is designed to minimize the noise of the rotors. Passengers will get a great view of all that is around them as they cruise at a comfortable speed of about 155 mph. With a range of 345 miles, the Sikorsky S-76 is perfect for short to medium-length trips around the metropolitan area. In the busy Northeast Corridor, helicopters serve a very vital role between such cities as Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, NY and Boston. Traveling to your summer home in the Hamptons is much more convenient when you charter a helicopter.

Because the Sikorsky-76 can take off or land at practically any airport as well as from private helipads, it is an extremely convenient way to travel. Chartering a small helicopter is not as expensive as one might think. If the cost is shared among all of the passengers, it is roughly equivalent to flying first class on a commercial flight.

For busy executives and others who place a premium on their time, flying by helicopter is well worth the price. Not only will you avoid traffic going directly from Point "A" to Point "B", but you will be able to relax and enjoy the scenery during your flight. You can even take the time to catch up on some work before your business meeting. Tourists and those who appreciate the best things in life will also enjoy a wonderful experience when they charter a Sikorsky S-76.