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Learjet 60

The Learjet 55 is a mid size aircraft that has a distance range of 2000 nautical miles without the need to refuel. It has the capacity to seat seven passengers comfortably. All passengers will be able to enjoy a relaxing flight on this aircraft. If your trip is for business, your passengers will have no trouble finding the accomodations to their liking, they will have plenty of space to break out all of their working materials for that in flight meeting that they are needing to hold. If your trip is for pleasure you will find the aircraft equally accomodating. You will be able to visit with other passengers, read or nap. Cabin window are available to allow you to look at the world below or gaze at the passing clouds. You may choose to relax on the sofa while the aircraft is in flight or you may choose to mingle around the cabin and visit with the other passengers.

This aircraft has an onboard enclosed lavoratory for passenger privacy and a partial galley that you will find suitable for your in flight needs. You will find the cabin to be luxurious and comfortable. The jet will give you shorter travel time and a peaceful journey that your guest will be find exhilerating. They will be ready and rested upon arrival to your final destination to conduct business or to have a good time whatever the case may be. This jet is going to get you to your destination without any layovers or connecting flights. The Learjet 55 offers 60 cubic feet of storage space for all passengers luggage and persoanal items, there will be no waiting on luggage at the airport and lost luggage is positivly unheard of.

With a couple hours notice the Learjet 55 will be ready and waiting for you and your passengers to board. It will meet your departure and arrival time to the letter. You won't be late. The Learjet 55 will meet all of your traveling needs. You will be so glad that you booked it you may never choose to fly with the public airlines again.