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Learjet 55

The Learjet 60 is a private jet aircraft that was built to climb quickly to reach cruise levels of 43,000 ft. in less than 14 minutes. This happens even if the maximum weight for takeoff, which is 23,500 pounds, is loaded. It also boasts of having fast cruise speeds, is very reliable and can operate economically. This is the niche market that was in mind when this jet was manufactured. This Learjet 60 keeps all of those promises and even more.

Cabins in Learjets are known to be large, but the Learjet 60 has the largest cabin of them all. Up to eight passengers can comfortably be seated in this cabin which offers plenty of space for elbow room. Conveniences such as a radio phone and fold-out tables for work come as standards. It is possible to also add a coffee maker, microwave and a fax machine if needed.

The Learjet 60 can easily reach speeds of 457 knots which is about .76 Mach, once it reaches cruise level. Its' transcontinental range is 2,590 when it carries up to seven passengers. Since the Learjet 60 was built aerodynamically, it can reach those speeds with ease. This also contributes to the 60 being fuel efficient. It consumes 203 gallons per hour which is very much like the lighter weight jets.

The heavy wing loading of the 60 is a big reason for its' smooth flights even when turbulence would normally become an issue. The wheel brakes are strong to make easier landings and ground control. A new feature for the steering, which is speed-proportionate nosewheel steering, also makes this Learjet easier to handle on the ground.

The Integrated Avionics Processing System (IAPS) is linked to all other controls and flight systems. The Integrted Pro Line 4 avionic system is used by the Learjet 60. With displays combined into four electronic displays that are large format, a modern and sleek control panel is on the 60. The Automatic AlliedSignal digital pressurization system is used in the cabin to control pressure through the entire flight to alleviate the need for pilot intervention. The pilot only needs to enter the elevation of the destination with the system doing the rest.

The operating costs of the 60 can compete with the other popular jets of the same size. The Learjet 60 also rivals others in the same class when it comes to range and cruise speed. It may be difficult to find a faster, long-range private jet, like the Learjet 60, anywhere.