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Learjet 40

There are many reasons to choose the Learjet 40 for both corporate and vacation travel. Whether you are planning to fly from Chicago to Houston to finalize an important business relationship or you want to take your family on a ski vacation in Aspen, this light jet is an ideal choice.

Learjets are part of the Bombardier line of private and charter aircraft. They have a well-deserved reputation of producing aircraft that are easy to maintain, handle flawlessly and are very reliable. They are known for being amongst the most luxurious of small aircraft while also performing at a very high level.

The Learjet 40 can comfortably seat from 5-8 passengers depending upon the interior layout. The spacious cabin is 17.7 feet long, 5.1 feet high and 4.9 feet high. There is plenty of legroom for passengers to stretch out - even for those over 6 feet tall. Thoughtfully designed, the cabin allows businessmen to converse and there is plenty of space to catch up on any paperwork. A partial galley offers drinks, sandwiches and light snacks during your trip. There is a fully enclosed lavatory and approximately 65 cubic feet of storage space. Given the number of seats in the aircraft, every passenger has plenty of space to bring a couple of bags, skis or a set of golf clubs.

Performance is equally as important as passenger comfort. The Learjet 40 has a very impressive ceiling of 51,000 feet which allows it to fly above the clouds and turbulence. That makes for a smoother, more comfortable ride for the passengers and also helps economize on fuel consumption. With a range of 1810 miles and a cruising speed of 526 mph, this aircraft is perfect for short to medium length trips. You can make it from New York to Miami in less than 3 hours.

Many passengers wonder just how safe it is to fly on a small passenger jet as opposed to a large, commercial airliner. Statistics show that there are fewer accidents and incidents when flying on a chartered business jet than there are when traveling on a commercial airliner. The Learjet 40 has the latest technology that enhances the safe operation of the aircraft. Advanced avionics constantly monitors all of the most important flight systems, making sure the plane is operating correctly. There are redundant checks and controls that the pilot and copilot use to keep the plane on course. Aircraft undergo a thorough inspection before each flight and the pilots are very experienced with many hours of time flying the Learjet 40.

If you are a small to medium-sized group and need to charter an aircraft for a flight of less than 1,800 miles, the Learjet 40 is an excellent choice. Instead of battling the crowds and flying coach, treat your self to a little bit of luxury and take a charter jet.