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Learjet 35a

The name Learjet is a familiar moniker in the aviation world, and is well known to the "non-aviators" due to the prestige associated with the aircraft. The Learjet 35A, part of the Learjet family of aircraft, is an excellent mid- and short range executive aircraft. The 35A has seating for eight, making it a solid choice when you have a corporate group or family.

The Learjet 35A has a range of 2,000 nautical miles, giving it a solid operating diameter. Because the 35A is made for shorter flights and hops, there is a partial lavatory on board, but there is a partial galley, allowing refreshments to be served during the flight. While the cabin is smallish compared to larger charter jets, it matches its larger cousins in terms of luxury and comfort. The full-leather seats have a range of motion, letting you recline to catch some sleep, or pivot to work at the desk-trays.

The fuel efficiency of the 35A makes the charter service fees less than the larger and mid- to long range jets. When you compare purchasing tickets on commercial flights for your business staff, the charter rate for the Learjet 35A is often a more cost-efficient way to fly. Add in the fact that you do not have to worry about TSA, delayed flights, cancellations, or being in airports with grumpy staff, the Learjet 35A is a very attractive and sophisticated way to fly.

The Learjet 35A may be available within hours of request. The crew and pilot fly the 35A to your executive airfield or strip, help you load and then deliver you and your associates to your destination. There is cargo space on the Learjet 35A, letting you pack generously. There are no additional baggage fees, unlike the commercial carriers.

From the time you book the charter to the time the pilot and crew land, your needs and safety are the primary concern. Fly in comfort and safety, knowing you are going to make your appointments as needed.

As the Learjet 35A is a cost effective way of chartering, it makes an attractive way of flying for family vacations, getaways and special occasions.