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Learjet 31a

If you need a small private jet, then one of the best options in the Learjet 31A. This light jet is capable of seating a good amount of people, the cabin is well sized and comfortable, and the range of this jet is very accommodating. Not only that, but the jet itself looks very majestic. Here is everything you get when you choose the Learjet 31A.


The Learjet 31A can comfortably seat eight passengers at once. Seating is arranged with one seat in the front, two in the center and one long seat in the back that can fit three people. The seats are very comfortable, and with most models, are made from a light leather. There are also several windows to look out of during the flight.

Cabin Sizing

The size of the jet’s cabin is rather long for such a small private jet. It is 4.35 feet high, 4.95 feet wide and 12.9 feet long. This should make it easy for most people to go through the cabin without any difficulties, especially the person sitting in the front. The only difficulty someone might have is getting between the two middle seats, but this should not be much of an issue.


A private jet’s range is very important, as this directly determines whether or not you need to refuel, which can waste a lot of time if you are trying to quickly get somewhere. The Learjet 31A is able to go 1,300 miles without refueling, which is impressive given its size. This allows you to cross most land and bodies of water without having to refuel, unless the trip itself is very long.

Baggage Area

Normally you will not need much baggage space on a private jet, as they are meant more for light travel. However, you get a good amount of baggage room, around 30 cubic feet, which should be accommodating for all eight passengers.


One problem with the Learjet 31A is that you only get a partial lavatory. However, this shouldn’t be a problem for most people as it is still accommodating for the majority of passengers. Since the flights shouldn’t take long in this private jet, it shouldn’t become an issue.


The Learjet 31A is one of the best private jets around, and many businesspeople use it regularly. With comfortable seating and a long cabin, this private jet is very roomy despite the fact that the jet itself is quite small.

You can also travel a relatively long distance without having to refuel, which will help you reach meetings without having to waste any time. Since its inception in 1990, the Learjet 31A has been one of the favorite private jets and it continues to be a favorite of most passengers.