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A Comfortable Ride Aboard a King Air 90

Flying in a King Air 90 is a very comfortable way to travel, for both business and pleasure. This private turbo prop comfortably holds six adults, providing ample space to hold a business meeting while travelling to the destination or to simply relax in the comfortable seats. For convenience on long distance flights, a partial lavatory is available for guests. The King Air 90 has a flight range of 1,290 nautical miles, making it fully equipped to meet a wide variety of destination requirements. All of these great features ensure that travelers will make it where they need to go without delay or a lot of waiting around.

Flying privately in a King Air 90 helps guests avoid the many hassles of taking a commercial flight. This turbo prop plane takes guests to their destination without having to stand in long lines and face inconvenient flight delays. With a 48 cubic feet baggage storage area, passengers can store and later collect their luggage quickly upon landing. This is much more simple than having to wait several minutes to retrieve their luggage or face the risk of losing it. Flying in a King Air 90 is a stress-free and fast way to arrive at a business destination.

If needed, travelling in a King Air 90 can be arranged even at the last minute. With just a few hours of anticipation, the King Air 90 and flight staff can be quickly be prepared for a trip across the country. Thousands of helipads and executive airports are easily accessible by King Air 90, so that passengers land close to their final destination. With such a short and stress free ride, travelers on a King Air 90 arrive refreshed and ready for whatever business they need to take care of.

An enjoyable flying experience is made complete by a friendly and accommodating staff aboard the King Air 90. Pilots and other staff do their utmost to ensure the comfort of all passengers. Services available on the flight can be custom tailored to fit the needs and desires of each passenger. After experiencing the comfort and luxury of flying in a private King Air 90, many make it their preferred way of travelling.