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Hawker 800/XP

The Hawker 800XP is an ideal aircraft for long flights in executive luxury. There is seating for eight passengers that is laid out so you can work, rest, or talk comfortably without having to strain necks. There is a set of sofa-style chairs that makes an ideal meeting area if you and your traveling partners need to conduct business or hold a meeting during your flight.

The Hawker 800XP uses two Honeywell turbo-fan engines, giving the Hawker 800XP a smooth ride with a maximum cruising speed of 460 miles per hour. The cruising range of this jet is 2800 miles, making this jet a long distance option. By chartering a Hawker 800XP jet, you and your associates are able to bypass commercial airport snafus. Instead of worrying about delays, cancelled flights, long TSA lines, counter check-ins and the impersonal commercial flight experience, you get an aircraft and crew that gets into executive airports and small airfields where the commercial carriers do not go.

For comfort, the Hawker 800XP has a lavatory and a small galley. If you desire, refreshments can be served during charter flights. The safety and schedule you request and need are well tended to by the dedicated captain and crew of the aircraft. Simply arrange the charter, and give the airfield starting point and be there when the pilot, crew and Hawker 800XP arrive. You will be graciously led to the cabin where your only worry is to sit back and enjoy the flight. Your large baggage is stored in the Hawker's cargo area, and any small carry-on bags or computer attaches get stored in the cabin, in the overhead bins. As it is a charter, you do not need to wrestle with other passengers for the overhead bin space, nor worry that your bag will get crushed by other passenger's baggage.

Because there is seating for eight, this aircraft is suitable for large corporate groups or parties. If you are planning a family getaway or have a vacation planned with a group, consider chartering the Hawker 800XP instead of purchasing commercial flight tickets for your party or family. Many times, the Hawker is ready within a few hours of the charter request. This is handy when immediate or impromptu trips are called for.