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Hawker 700

If you are looking to rent a jet for either business or pleasure purposes, then the Hawker 700 jet is the perfect aircraft for you. From the first release of this model in 1977, this mid-sized jet has always offered a luxurious travel space for any occasion. The Hawker 700 is known for how quiet it is, qualifying it for landing in just about any airport in any airport in the nation. With its two engines, manufactured by Honeywell, this Hawker is a great choice for travel.

The aircraft comfortably seats 8 passengers, which is a larger capacity than many other mid-sized jets. The main cabin includes five seats and a three-person sofa, and an enclosed bathroom. The wide cabin is spacious and comfortable with plenty of leg room, making it perfect for longer trips, and a great atmosphere for a relaxing flight. There is a partial galley, perfect for snacks and small meals, or a nice drink, is equipped for both hot and cold food and beverages.

The executive Hawker 700 is also a great jet for business trips, and the cabin space is conducive to comfortable meetings, with enough height for passengers to stand up comfortably. For entertainment purposes during a family getaway, the Hawker 700 comes with a DVD player and a beautiful screen for movie-viewing.

The cabin dimensions are a gratifying 5.8W x 6.0H x 21.3L. The Hawker 700 travels at a speed of 449-489mph, and can make a trip of up to 2,000 miles at a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet. With a baggage volume of 40 cubic feet, the jet offers plenty of room for luggage.

The engine of the jet is a 731, and the plane's wide popularity makes it easy to find parts, if they need replacing.

While the jet is not convenient for trips outside of the country, it is perfect for travel across the United States. This aircraft is a very popular choice for charter-jets. When you need to get where you're going on time with a company that you can trust, you have come to the right place. When you need to get somewhere, the Hawker 700 will not displease you.