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Hawker 400XP

Comfort and clearance is the name of the game for the Hawker 400XP light jet aircraft. One of the fastest and most reliable private jets on the market today, the Hawker 400XP is a great charter option when extra space is needed in the cabin, and a speedy in-air time is necessary. The Hawker 400XP offers the most height clearance of any private lightweight charter jet and has a flat floor, so you can relax and move about easily.

Luxurious and intelligent options are outfitted into the Hawker 400XP. Business travelers can keep up to date and their electronic devices charged with the 100v power outlets, data ports and WiFi connections. Download and respond to emails and get the last minutes work done as you fly to the business meetings or engagements. There is a small galley on the Hawker 400XP allowing the crew to serve refreshments during the flight. There is a cargo hold for your travel baggage, and secure holds inside the cabin where carry-ons, laptop bags and brief cases may be safely stored for quick access while in the air. Comfortable and spacious lavatories allow you to wash, change and prepare for any meetings once on the ground.

The seating and lay out of the cabin allows for conference style meetings to be held en route, and with the data ports, any data that needs to be conveyed during the meetings can be sent out before you land. Because the Hawker 400XP is fast and responsive, it is possible to request a charter within a few hours. Request the Hawker 400XP, give the executive airport or airfield you need to be met, and the Hawker 400XP arrives with pilot and crew.

The Hawker 400XP is also a good option for private holiday trips, wedding and honeymoon flights or for group travel. Treat the cabin as your living room during flights, with the large flat-screen TV and entertainment options.

Stop worrying about delayed or cancelled flights and charter a Hawker 400XP to ensure your crucial meetings are met. The crew and pilot hold your personal schedule as if their own, and your safety and comfort are of the utmost concern. There is seating for seven passengers on the Hawker 400XP.