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Gulfstream III

When you hear the unmistakable purr of the two Rolls-Royce Jet engines fire up and the pilot begins to taxi over to the runway, you know that in minutes you will soon be soaring through the air, on your way to your destination. Riding in luxurious comfort, aboard the Gulfstream III business jet, is, without doubt, the best way to fly. Chartering a private jet like the Gulfstream III will help you avoid all of the delays and inconveniences that have become a common problem with commercial jet flight.

Instead of wasting time trying to find a parking spot at a large airport in a big city, private jets are able to land and take off at many smaller community and local airports. Parking is never a problem. In addition, when you charter a Gulfstream III, you can avoid the pre-flight check-in hassle. No one will ask you to remove your shoes and empty your pockets. When you have an urgent business meeting, are trying to close a big deal or are attending an important industry trade show, your time is more important than the price you pay for transportation. While a charter flight costs more than flying coach, it is well within the budget of most corporations and successful business executives.

The Gulfstream III falls into the category of a Heavy Private Jet, not because of its weight, but because it has an extended range, can carry 8-14 passengers and has a strong cruising speed of 500-560 mph. Specifically, the Gulfstream III has a range of 3,000 nautical miles, carries up to 14 passengers and cruises at up to 520 mph.

Stretching 41.3 feet from the front tip of the aircraft back to its tail, the interior of the cabin is quite spacious. From side to side, the aircraft measures 7.3 feet in width and from floor to ceiling, 6.1 feet in height. The interior has a completely enclosed restroom and a full Galley where you can get a snack, beverage or even a complete meal. Outfitted with plush leather seats and a very comfortable couch, passengers can choose to just relax or, if so inclined, can take the opportunity to discuss business. Don’t be afraid to pack a couple of bags because, with 157 cubic feet of baggage space, there is plenty of room for all of your luggage.

At first glance, it might appear that traveling by private jet is prohibitively expensive. Upon a deeper analysis of the costs and benefits of chartering a Gulfstream III for business use, it turns out to be a viable alternative to commercial jet travel. Among the benefits of this type of travel are added convenience, the ability to fly based on your own timetable, privacy, comfort and the chance to interact with your colleagues during the flight. Successful people deserve the best and traveling by private jet will tell everyone around you that you have arrived.