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Gulfstream II

The name Gulfstream is recognized as one of the premiere manufacturers of private jets. It is the preferred choice of busy executives and other travelers who appreciate the finer things in life. The Gulfstream II is classified as a heavy private jet based on its capacity, speed and range. Heavy jets typically carry 8-14 passengers, cruise at 500-560 mph and have a range of about 3,200-7500 miles.

The Gulfstream II fits neatly into those 3 criteria. At 39.3 feet in length, 7.3 feet wide and 6.1 feet high, the spacious cabin is able to comfortably seat up to 14 passengers. With a cruising speed of 550 mph, one can make it across the country in 5 hours, about the same time as it takes a commercial jet to travel coast-to-coast. There is no need to stop halfway across the country to refuel as the Gulfstream II, with a range of 3,000 nautical miles, can easily fly non-stop between any two points in the Continental United States.

Chartering a private jet like the Gulfstream II makes good business sense for Corporate Leaders and Business Executives who place a premium on making the best use of their time. Unlike flying on a commercial airline, it is much more convenient to use a private jet to get to a crucial business meeting or important corporate event. The hassles of commercial air travel such as having to arrive 2 hours before one's flight, go through security, deal with big crowds and worry about the airline losing your luggage, disappear when you charter the Gulfstream II. As a smaller aircraft, it is possible to fly into any of the more than 5,000 airports around the world. Often times, you can avoid a long cab ride from a major International Airport to your ultimate destination because smaller airports are located closer to where you need to be. In addition, you will ride in quiet comfort, be able to discuss business or just relax and have a bite to eat before landing. The crew goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your every need is met.

While chartering a private jet is expensive, if the cost is calculated per passenger, it comes out about the same as flying first class on a commercial flight. Corporations can expense the cost of travel. Finally, by cutting out the extra waiting and travel time associated with a commercial flight from a major airport, productivity will improve.

Whether you are a busy executive or a world traveler who appreciates the finer things in life, private jet travel can be a wonderful experience. Once you charter the Gulfstream II, you will never want to go back to commercial jets.