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Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550 is one of the most popular private jets available. Its spaciousness and comfort are two of the details that make it a favorite. It is perfect for professional business travel the roomy cabin allows the passengers to spread out their paperwork, hook up their computers and get right down to business. The Gulfstream G550 is not just for business it will meet all of your pleasure traveling needs as well.It has seating to accomodate 14 passengers and offers a lavoratory in the front and a lavoratory in the back. With leather seating it makes for a comfortable and relaxing trip for all passengers. With a full galley on board a flight attendent will also accompany you on your flight to make sure that you have everything that you need to insure a quality trip. Passengers will love the benefit of being able to get up and move about the aircraft, its six foot plus head clearance makes it ideal for being able to get up and stretch your legs. Passenger windows also add to the pros of this aircraft, passengers will be able to look out to see the world below.

This jet offers a flight range of 6700 miles this puts an end to having to stop to refuel. You will be able to board and head directly to your destination non-stop. It can be ready in a short time to put your passengers in the air and on the way to their destination. With a baggage space of 226 cubic feet storing your luggage and personal items will be an easy task. This aircraft will meet all of your needs and the needs of your passengers for comfort, luxury and pleasure. Whether it's a long trip or a short trip that you need to schedule, this aircraft is the perfect choice.

When you charter this aircraft, you will eliminate having to deal with late departures, late arrivals, crowded airports and layovers. There will be no waiting on a connecting flight. You will depart and arrive at an executive airport where trouble free service awaits you.