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Chartering the Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream G200 is an excellent medium-sized aircraft for those looking for a charter jet. Gulfstream has long been a leader in providing luxury jets for their customers. They have a reputation for excellence, and their Gulfstream G200 is an excellent option for those looking to charter a jet for domestic use. With a range of over 4,000 miles the G200 can get from any spot in the continental United States to another without having to make a pit stop for refueling.

One of the best attributes that Gulfstream G200 boasts is its opulence. It comes with both a full size bathroom and a kitchen, making it extremely comfortable for its passengers. In addition, the G200 has a luxurious meeting area with a conference arrangement and several plush chairs. For customers looking to charter a business jet with style the G200 will add a touch of class to the proceedings.

Another great feature of the Gulfstream G200 is its popularity. It is one of Gulfstream’s bestselling models, which means that it is quite easy to find one when it is needed. Instead of waiting around for another style of jet, theG200 can usually be prepped and ready to go within a couple of hours.

That speed of readiness is one of the best reasons to charter a jet. For customers who want to avoid the hassle of commercial air travel, chartering a jet like the Gulfstream G200 is a no-brainer. Instead of waiting around for hours at the airport and dealing with the draconian security measures that come standard with today’s airports, customers can drive right up to their waiting jet and instantly board. Takeoff will occur in a matter of minutes. The time savings that comes with chartering a jet can mean the difference between arriving to a meeting on time or not, or between closing a deal or not. When time is of the essence, chartering a jet is a necessity.

The Gulfstream G200 has another feature, its flexibility. The seating in the jet can be arranged in different configurations. It can be set up as an executive style boardroom with seating for 8 passengers. However, it can also be rearranged to add additional seating, making it capable of seating up to 18 passengers. This flexibility makes the G200 capable of handling many different types of charters.

Chartering a jet is a great way to save time, impress customers and close business deals. The Gulfstream G200 is one of the most versatile and popular charter jets on the market, and it makes a great selection for many different types of charters. Anyone looking to charter a business jet would be well advised to take a look at the G200.