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Gulfstream G100

The Gulfstream G100 can accommodate up to eight passengers, making it an ideal travel option for small groups traveling for either business or pleasure. The Gulfstream G100 is manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries, and it was originally marketed under the name Astra SPX.

This particular jet can be prepped and ready for takeoff within a few hours, so it is perfect for last-minute travel. The twin-engine design allows for travel speeds that are much faster than commercial airplanes. The Gulfstream G100 can span a distance of up to 3,000 nautical miles before it needs to refuel, which effectively eliminates layovers and flight changes for most travel destinations. In addition, the G100 is allowed to land at numerous small airports that are inaccessible to commercial aircraft. This gives travelers the ability to land extremely close to their final travel destinations.

The Gulfstream G100 boasts an extremely smooth takeoff and landing. A two-man pilot team can comfortably sit in the cockpit, affording a dual responsibility for in-flight navigation that greatly increases the safety of all passengers on board. A single flight attendant is available to provide in-flight service to clients, and the G100 is equipped with a partial galley to ensure that food and drink are available onboard.

The comfortable accommodations onboard the Gulfstream G100 include plush and spacious seating, a full-service lavatory, and enough cabin space to conduct in-flight meetings if so desired.

Specific Spatial Features of the Gulfstream G100:

  • 60 Cubic feet of baggage storage
  • Cabin measurements of 5.6 (Height), 4.8 (Width), 17.1 (Length)

The Gulfstream G100 allows travelers to set and adjust their own travel schedule at will, since it travels faster and requires less prep time before takeoff than any commercial airplane. The luxurious interior of the jet makes for a relaxing flight, and the powerful engines of the jet ensure a relatively short travel time.

Due to its large fuel capacity, the Gulfstream G100 is ideal for travel anywhere within North America and the Caribbean. Although the G100 can accommodate a family or group of acquaintances for pleasure travel, it is most suited to accommodate business travelers dealing with a tight or change-prone schedule.