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The Global Express Helps Busy Executives Make the Most out of Every Trip

Many corporate executives spend substantial time away from friends and family. With so much time spent travelling, getting to meetings and getting home quickly is as important as utilizing their travel time to maximum advantage. For executives that travel the world, the Bombardier Global Express is an excellent aircraft for their corporate travel. Among the premier corporate jets, the Express offers up to three cabin areas, extended range, and luxurious comfort, allowing executives to work and relax in equal comfort between destinations. Ultimately, the Express reducess travel time and gets them home faster.

In almost every category of performance, the Global Express outshines the competition. With a maximum travel range of 7,000 miles at typical cruising speeds, the Global Express takes the traveler from New York to Tokyo or from London to Hong Kong in a single jump. At cruising speeds of over 560 miles per hour, the trip is faster than in other aircraft. The long range eliminates time-consuming landing delays that often come with refueling stops, while the high cruising speed cuts back on air time, so travelers can spend less time in the cabin and more time back home with families or working with the people that make their operations profitable.

Just the same, the Global Express gives business travelers generous facilities so they can use their time in the air to maximum advantage. The cabin provides ample space and amenities for relaxation as well as excellent facilities for meetings and work. The maximum capacity of 19 passengers means that everyone on the team can make the trip, making business trips both more efficient and more effective. With up to three separate areas in the cabin, several teams or groups can work on separate projects with less interruption and a sense of privacy, while others can relax after a day’s work. The cabin is just shy of seven feet wide at the floor and over eight feet wide at window level, so there’s plenty of space to move around along its entire length. One of its two bathrooms can be equipped with a shower, helping executives arrive for important meetings feeling refreshed and looking their best.

For executives of most leading companies, long distance travel is part of the job. While many enjoy the travel, almost all are both pleased and relieved when they arrive home. Most want to use the travel time to the fullest possible extent, allowing them to make their companies more profitable as well as to spend more time with friends and family when they return home. The Global Express, with its long range and excellent facilities, helps busy executives make the most out of every trip.