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Falcon 900 Series

The Falcon 900 is one of our heavy jets. It has the capability of flying your and your passengers 4000 miles without having to stop and refuel. With its thirteen passenger seating, all passengers will enjoy the luxury and comfort of the spacious cabin. The freedom to get up and walk about the cabin in just another added bonus on the Falcon 900. With a head clearance of six feet and two inches there will be no stooping or ducking as you visit the lavoratory. This aircraft also has a full galley to serve all of your needs. You will be served by two crew members and a flight attendant who will insure that your flight offers everything that you deserve. This luxury aircraft is the perfect choice to meet all of your business needs. You will be able to conduct your business meetings or task in full comfort. This aircraft is not just for business use, it can also be used for your pleasure trip. You and your friends will love being able to enjoy the luxury that this aircraft has to offer as it smoothly takes you to the destination of your choice.

The Falcon 900 is welcomed at all executive airports placing you closer to your final destination. Many public airports are not capable of serving commericial aircraft such as the Falcon 900. The advantages of landing at an executive airport are many. You will be able to avoid having to deal with the crowd, there will be no long lines to stand in nor will you have to wait on a connecting flight. Your arrival time will be exactly as you planned it as will your departure time. Obtaining transportation from the executive airport also promises to be an easy task.

We will be able to complete your flight arrangements in a very short time. We can have you in the air with only a couple of hours advance notice. We pride ourselves on the service that we are able to provide to you and your passengers. Your itinerary is our number one priority. We are confident that your flight with us will be one of total pleasure. We look forward to serving you and satisfying all of your travel needs.