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The Falcon 50 Private Jet

If you have charter needs that include the need for full comfort and luxury in the executive style than the Falcon 50 mid-size jet is the aircraft of choice. The Falcon 50 has seating for nine, with the seats being arranged so you can pivot and speak to each other in comfort. The Falcon 50 has a range of 3800 miles, making it ideal for long flights across country, or cross seas trips for international travel. As a mid-size jet, the Falcon 50 can make the New York City to London route between five to eight hours.

The Falcon 50 seats are leather, and they can recline to a sleeping position if needed. If you need to get work done en route, use the desk and work station trays at each seat. Stretch out and relax on the three-seat sofa if you wish to enjoy the aircraft in a more "living room" fashion. A full lavatory makes it easy to shave, refresh, clean up or change clothes before your land at your destination. There is a full galley, allowing meal preparation or drinks to be made if you need refreshments and meals during your travels.

The Falcon 50 is known by executive travelers as an exquisite aircraft, with wood veneer that accents the cabin as well as hardwood floors. There are coffee tables, foot rests, and an entertainment center onboard for your comfort and relaxation. Take care of business needs via the 110v power outlets and dataport connections. Send and receive emails during your flight.

The Falcon 50 sets a standard of quality and excellence that is easy to take. With the crew and captain ready to assist you with boarding, your charter time on the Falcon 50 spoils you to any other way of traveling. Your safety and schedule are the primary concerns. Upon meeting with the crew, your luggage is stored in the Falcon's cargo area, and you are led up the gangway to the Falcon's cabin. Settle in and store any carry on bags in the secure storage, and retrieve it after take-off.

For an extra indulgent and luxurious holiday, charter the Falcon 50. Whether it is business or personal travel, by chartering the Falcon 50 you no longer need to deal with the hassle of commercial airports or air travel. Do not worry about cancelled flights, travel delays and being seated next to the grumpy toddler, shoe-shucker or overly talkative seat mate.