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Falcon 2000

Providing a very comfortable cabin and seating for up to 10 passengers, the Dassault Falcon 2000 is among the industry leaders in the Super Medium Jet category of aircraft. Whether traveling for business or as a family group, the French-made Dassault Falcon 2000 is a very smart choice for the busy executive or discriminating traveler.

This private jet has an extended range of just over 3,400 miles, allowing it to easily fly between any two points in the United States. The Falcon 2,000 also has the range to take you from Los Angeles, across the Pacific Ocean to a tropical vacation in Hawaii.

Power is provided with two very robust Pratt and Whitney PW308C engines, each of which generates 7,000 pounds of thrust at takeoff. The aircraft can climb to a cruising altitude of about 40,000 feet in under 17 minutes. While most flights level off around the 40,000-42,000 foot range, the Falcon 2000 is rated with a service ceiling of an impressive 51,000 feet. A very respectable 530 mph cruising speed is similar to the speeds typical of a 737 or other large commercial jet.

Passengers have plenty of space to relax in the 31 foot long cabin. With a width of 7.7 feet and a height of 6 feet 2 inches, there is opportunity to walk upright down the center aisle if you want to stretch your legs. A full lavatory and a well-stocked galley are included for passenger comfort. Businessmen can talk and discuss business with their colleagues during the flight or simply relax in the soft and very comfortable leather seats. The crew will make sure you have a very pleasant flight and will do what they can to meet all of your needs.

Up in the cockpit, Dassault has joined forces with Honeywell and installed the latest in avionic technology. Four 14.1 inch flat screen displays, set up in a T-pattern form the interface in the EASy flight-deck. The pilot and co-pilot are able to easily interact, enter data and remain in complete control of the aircraft by monitoring the very intuitive screens.

Flying the Falcon 2000 or chartering any private jet has its advantages over commercial aviation. Convenience is perhaps the greatest benefit. It only takes a few hours of advanced notice to arrange a charter flight. If an emergency occurs and you have to be in Chicago as soon as possible, it is not likely you can get a commercial flight so quickly. There is no waiting or lengthy check-in process that is standard practice at all commercial airports. You will not have to deal with parking issues or big crowds. The Falcon 2000, like most private jets, is capable of taking off and landing at much smaller and more plentiful local airports. That usually means being closer to your final destination and avoiding a long cab ride from the airport to your hotel.

An executive’s time is very valuable. Flying on a private charter with one's colleagues is a perfect opportunity to focus on important business issue. Even if there are no urgent business matters to discuss, a private jet offers privacy and a chance to relax and arrive well rested at your destination. The Falcon 2000 is indeed the preferred method of air travel.

The LASERF IV Inertial Reference System, TCAS II to warn of nearby aircraft and the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System complete the jet's' list of standard cockpit warning displays. Other safety features include an electrically heated windshield, thrust reversers and powered nose-gear steering.

Its avionic advances earned the original Citation X the National Aeronautics Association's prestigious Robert Collier Award. In the years since, this aircraft has more than fulfilled its promise. Choosing the Citation X for your next business or personal outing will get you to your destination with speed and comfort that commercial airline operators only dream about.