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Flying the Eurocopter

When you have a need for a corporate helicopter charter look to the Eurocopter. The Eurocopter is a result of the merger between Aerospatiale-matra in France and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace of Germany. The Eurocopter provides a private jet like experience, yet is able to get onto helipads, tight city spaces and small airports. Chartering the Eurocopter to move through congested cities is a sure way to keep appointments and sensitive business engagements.

Like a private jet charter, the Eurocopter is on-call and available on short notice. The interior has room for four passengers, and the seats are leather, with ample space for attaches or briefcases. Using the Eurocopter to go from major airports to the heart of the city is a good option when timing is tight and you need to be there as soon as possible.

The Eurocopter is not just for business travelers or corporate executives. Many purposes are served with the Eurocopter. Aerial photography, sightseeing, and even travel to vacation destinations, or the "big game" are served with a Eurocopter charter.

When chartering the Eurocopter, rest assured that the professional staff and crew have nothing but your comfort, schedule and safety in mind. From the time you book to the time we drop you off at your destination, your needs are met punctually and professionally. Added benefits of chartering a helicopter such as the Eurocopter include less scheduling conflicts that often occur with private jets, and the street-releif of not having to drive or arrange ground transportation.

The Eurocopter Group, the company that produces the rotor style aircraft, uses fuel efficient engines and up to date, modern navigation technology. Your pilot is trained in all the current equipment, ensuring smooth and safe flights. Staff and pilots guide you into the helicopter to ensure safety. If the Eurocopter is being loaded "hot" you will receive guidance walking to and from the aircraft. "Hot" landings are those where the engine is not turned off and the rotors are still spinning. To make sure each passenger is safe, the loading and unloading is supervised so as to avoid accidents or worse.