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Embraer Legacy

Corporate travelers get to enjoy spacious seats, work trays and spaces, large washrooms where there is room to change clothing and a climate controlled cabin with the Embraer Legacy. The Embraer Legacy is a larger private jet designed for executive and corporate travelers and charters.

The Legacy is available in three different models: the 500, 600, and 650 style. All of the Legacy jets have cabin heights of six feet high, providing ample clearance for most passengers. Seats have a full range of settings, giving potions for sleep - the seats fold down completely into a bed, sitting and working. Embraer designed the jet to be as fuel efficient and "green" as a jet could be. The 500 series is capable of going from coast to coast with the fuel reserve and a full load of eight passengers.

Legacy jets are made using a "clean sheet" design. This means the aircraft has a lighter weight due to construction, again, contributing to the environmentally friendly nature of the aircraft. For in-flight refreshments, there is a full galley in the Legacy. This ensures you and your party have a comfortable and pleasant flight to your destination. The private Legacy lets you spread out, relax or get enough work done to ace the presentation.

A "fly-by-wire" technology ensures smooth flight as it serves to reduce effects from turbulence. This makes the Legacy a top choice for business travel, in that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. The Legacy series has seating up to 13, a statute mile range of just under 3,800 miles, and 240 cubic feet of baggage and cargo space. Embraer uses up to 80 percent recycled material in the fuselage construction of the airframe. The aircraft has a maximum ceiling of 39,000 feet and a maximum cruising speed of 439 knots.

The Embraer Legacy series of jets are the perfect choice for large groups of business or corporate travelers. The combination of range, fuel efficiency, and luxury seating makes this series of jets a standard in the business world. Book the Legacy and keep your employees flying in the lap of luxury.