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Citation Sovereign

The Cessna Citation Sovereign is a luxury mid-sized business jet designed with passenger comfort in mind. Sporting a large cabin and the ability to operate longer than most private jets, this plane is perfect for international travel because it can travel more than 5,000 kilometers without a need to stop.

The inside of the Sovereign fits nine passengers comfortably. It offers eight spacious individual seats in addition to a bench seat. The eight individual seats can rotate 180 degrees and can face each other, which makes it an ideal option for travelers on business. Sovereign designers understood that a comfortable cabin was necessary for such long travel, so there is room to walk, stand, and relax. Travelers can properly equip themselves for the long ride, as there is an abundance of cabinet space for snacks and flatware. There is hot beverage storage for those who want to have a cup of tea while they enjoy the flight.

For passenger convenience, the aisle’s floor is lowered to provide for an additional six inches of head room. The cabin is approximately 25 feet long. This jet offers a significant amount of carry-on storage space in addition to a large lavatory. The lavatory includes a vanity in addition to flushing toilet and hot and cold water. Unlike the restrooms of other jets, there is ample room to change clothes and maintain privacy.

Despite the size of Sovereign it is quite agile. It does not require much room for takeoff in comparison to other jets of the Sovereign’s size. This is a result of the design of the wing and the ratio of power to weight. This jet is designed with safety in mind in cockpit and exterior design. The cockpit includes color weather radar to alert the pilot as to what to expect. Passengers can rest assured that the pilot is has access to an Enhanced Flight Management system in additional to a superior GPS.

Everything about the Citation Sovereign is designed for nothing less than pleasure and luxury. In comparison to other mid-size jets, this one flies comfortably and safely.