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Citation III/VI/VII

A private jet charter in a Cessna Citation III/VI/VII offers speed, versatility, and comfort for the business traveler that is unable to fit into rigid airline schedules offered by commercial air carriers. Small groups of up to seven or eight business travelers, or leisure travelers, can comfortably and efficiently travel into and out of a wide variety of destinations that handle this mid-sized jet. The Cessna Citation III and the even more capable Citation VI/VIIs can meet these demanding requirements of nearly every private air traveler.

The first Citation III prototype made its first flight back in 1979. After completing flight-testing and evaluation, this jet aircraft was certified in the spring of 1982 and began to meet and exceed customer expectations the following year. The Citation III quickly achieved two time-to-height records in 1983 for the mid-sized jet class and set a speed record crossing the Atlantic from Gander, Canada to Le Bourget, France.

Sporting comfort in the interior design, the Cessna Citation III originally came with customizable interiors that can accommodate a variety of seating options with leather seating, a sofa and fold-down tables to conduct in-flight meetings. The interior cabin height at 5.8 feet allows for easy entry and exit while interior comfort includes a full lavatory and a galley to meet personal needs for long haul cross-country travel. The Citation III has a range of 2,100 statute miles.

Building upon the success of the Citation III, the Citation VI and VII incorporated changes that standardized avionics packages and interior designs, and in the Citation VII included engines that are more powerful. Both aircraft were simultaneously developed in the late 1980’s with production starting in 1991. The following year Citation III production ceased as the newer models began to takeoff.

With its supercritical wing design and Garrett TFE731 turbofans, the Citation VII routinely climbs to at or above 43,000 feet, to take advantage of clear skies and smooth air as it cruises at 516 miles per hour. This is the fastest cruise speed in its category and sets the standard for higher performance. It is no wonder that the Citation VII is still in production.

Up to 61 cubic feet of cargo can accompany leisure travelers to typical travel destinations. The improved engine performance on the Citation VII allows for operations on shorter fields or those destinations where higher temperatures decrease engine performance in other aircraft.

As a private charter jet, the Citation III/VI/VII offer speed, versatility and comfort that is unmatched in its category.