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Citation Excel/XLS

There never has been a more successful selling business jet and a leading choice for people looking for a dependable and efficient private charter than the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS. Part of its legacy is that it features maximum cabin space and comfort, coupled with consistent safety and performance. The ideal combination of its extraordinary light weight and flexibility, with all the amenities and luxury of a midsize jet, makes the Excel/XLS the demanding choice for private intercontinental travel.

The Cessna Citation Excel/XLS is the relative of the extremely successful Cessna Citation family and is actually a direct modified offshoot of the Citation V. The Citation series combines the compact fuselage of the Citation X with the wing of the Citation Ultra. The Excel is known for its twin rear fuselage mounted engines coupled with a low/swept wing and rather large-sized windows, as well as its curved tailfin adorned with a mid-mounted horizontal stabilizer. Located on each side of Excel’s fuselage are five passenger windows. It carries up to eight passengers, with a two-man flight crew, cruises at speeds of up to 430 knots (494.8 mph) and has a range of 2,080 nautical miles.

Able to comfortably hold seven passengers, in addition to the most spacious baggage capacity of its class, the Citation has about eighty cubic feet compartment space that not only makes it possible to stand, but can hold an additional load of up to six pairs of skis or six executive golf bags. Of course, the full cabin amenities are included to fulfill the business and pleasure needs required of an executive class jet charter, including a full refreshment center to facilitate the enjoyment of the passengers abroad during flight. Power and data outlets with full phone service accommodates all business necessities, coupled with video monitors, DVD, cabin speakers and headsets for added relaxation and comfort.

The advanced safety features and measures for pilots of the Citation are second to none, which is one of the reasons Citations continue to consistently hold such trust and popularity in the industry. Advanced Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System manages traffic control and assists the pilot in making the quickest and best decisions in the event another aircraft is in the vicinity or too close. The Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System is another feature that is very useful to the pilot during low visibility or mountainous areas by signaling the plane’s ground proximity. Also included is an Emergency Vision Assurance System, which also assists in low visibility situations.

Because of its light weight, it has the luxury of landing at any airport, whether commercial or smaller airfields, to avoid the congestion of commercial airports, especially during peak business hours or holidays. Efficiency without sacrificing luxury and comfort is the signature of the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS, which makes it the premier choice of intercontinental private charters.