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The Citation CJ2

Take one look at the Citation CJ2 and you notice the sleek design, and unique wing span. The Citation CJ2 is made by Kansas based Cessna, a long known name in the aviation industry. Cessna designs the Citation CJ2 with a laminar-flow wing design that allows the aircraft higher airspeeds. Comfort and safety define the Citation CJ2.

The Citation CJ2 has six passenger seating, making it ideal for small groups to charter. The range of approximately 1,250 nautical miles makes the Citation CJ2 suitable for quick jumps between cities. The maximum speed at cruising altitude is a scorching 480mph. Couple this with a ceiling rating to 45,000 feet, and the Citation CJ2 becomes a fuel and time efficient aircraft for charter purposes. The laminar-wing design pushes warm air over the aircraft, reducing icing issues and giving the aircraft its speedy attributes.

While speed and performance are one thing, you need to be comfortable while en route. The Citation CJ2's seats are leather and have a variety of settings. Push the seats back to grab some sleep during your journey, or lower the work desk-trays and sit upright to keep plugging away on the presentation for the meeting. There is a partial lavatory on the Citation CJ2. The lay-out of the seats in the cabin is such that you end up with more useable space per passenger than on many larger jets. The cabin is insulated against the ambient noise and engine wash so common to jet travel. Rest in near silence during your flight, thanks to Cessna's crafty design.

Because of the speed capabilities and fuel efficiency, you spend less time in the air, thus reducing the charter fees. This makes the Citation CJ2 a great option for charter if you have a family that wants to head out to ski or take that much needed getaway. The benefits of chartering versus commercial air flying are many; you no longer need to deal with TSA security lines, surly check-in desk employees, flight delays or cancellations, and you know who your seatmate is going to be. The Citation CJ2 gets into small executive fields and private air fields where the commercial jets are not allowed, giving the aircraft great freedom in the charter.