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The Citation CJ1

The Citation CJ1 is a second-generation jet that boasts improved economy and performance, which surpasses that of the initial design. This aircrafts two American-made, Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-1A turbofan engines are extremely fuel efficient and perform better than many others in its class. With an increased pay load and exceptional ability to handle steeper climbs (41,000 feet in just 27 minutes), this plane is an impressive choice for corporate or other private charters.

The idea behind the CJ1 involves simplicity, economy, and power. Offering an admirable 1,956 pounds of thrust at take off and capable of carrying passengers a maximum of 1,200 miles before refuel, this new design is one of the best models Cessna has ever delivered. Its improved aerodynamic wing structure, co-designed by both Cessna and NASA, is referred to as a natural laminar flow wing. These wings that span just under 47 feet are designed to delay the onset of airflow separation, which improves lift and drag and allows the craft a maximum cruising speed of 450 miles an hour.

The great thing about this plane is that it is extremely easy to fly. Designed for the business professional with ambitions of flying his or her own jet to and from corporate meetings; it includes sophisticated automated systems as well as a simplistic aviation structure that allows for single pilot flight operation.

The Citation CJ1 is a very impressive and luxurious charter aircraft. The interior provides high-quality stylish seating that reclines for maximum comfort. This five passenger bird also features a full-length, dropped isle that provides the cabin with a roomier feel and seats that track into the isle for expanded leg and head room.

Another admirable feature is the double-sealed, vault-like doors and acoustic-blanked soundproofing that provides one of the quietest cabin environments offered by a plane of this class. The space on this aircraft is also impressive. By placing luggage compartments in both the nose and tail, Cessna was able to expand passenger room making this personal jet a more comfortable option.

With its exceptional attributes, the Citation CJ1 has quickly become one of the most popular requests made by customers of both public and private jet charter services. However, speed, comfort, and economy are not all this compact jet has to offer as the CJ1 is also noted for its safety features. Cessna’s high quality standards require the use of superior parts and the routine stress tests preformed on the frame and landing gear ensure continued safety for the life of the plane.

The Citation CJ1 is a superior choice for your chartered flight needs, and selecting such a quality craft is sure to leave you very pleased with your experience.