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Cessna Citation Bravo: A New World of Comfort and Luxury

The Cessna Citation Bravo is one of the many small jet airplanes utilized by charter services. This plane is designed to accommodate those who want better service, more comfort, increased amenities, and additional privacy. Because of the Citation Bravo's jet engines, it can fly between destinations at a much faster pace, at speeds over 450 miles an hour. In addition, the jet engines provide a quieter ride for all passengers. When its top speed is combined with its range of about 1700 miles, the Citation Bravo can fly from St. Louis to San Francisco in under 4 hours nonstop.

In the Cessna Citation Bravo, every seat is first-class. The plush leather seats, spacious tables, and abundant cup holders, give all passengers a comfortable ride that they can look forward to every time they board the Citation Bravo. If commercial jets are the shuttle buses of the sky, the Cessna Citation Bravo is airborne town car service.

The Cessna Citation Bravo has a small seating capacity that can accommodate anyone from a small group of executives to a family. Another of the many benefits of the Cessna Citation Bravo is its size. Although size can be a limitation, for this airplane , size is an advantage. Because of its small size, the Citation Bravo can land at a variety of airports from large international airports to small private airstrips. This feature of the Bravo allows a more pleasant flying experience by giving passengers the option of disembarking closer to their final destination. Another benefit of the Citation Bravo’s size is its height.

The Citation Bravo sits low enough to the ground that a passenger can step out of the airplane and directly into a waiting car. The Citation Bravo is a small executive airplane that was a trend-setter when it was first created. When this airplane was introduced to the market, Cessna showed the world that it could produce an airplane with comfort as top priority. Not only is the Cessna Citation Bravo a one-of-a-kind, but its continued use after Cessna halted its production is a testimony to the reliability and performance of this airplane. See the world in comfort and luxury in a Cessna Citation Bravo.