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Challenger 604

The Challenger 604 is a heavy-jet made by Canadian aviation company Bombardier. The company made this aircraft to fit a need in the market for a transcontinental charter jet. Because it is marketed to business and corporate clients, many luxuries are outfitted to the aircraft. The Challenger 604 has amenities for both business and comfort. Chartering and flying in an aircraft such as the Challenger 604 allows you to get closer to your planned destination as many small airports are open only to corporate and private aircraft.

Travel with up to 10 passengers in the Challenger 604. A wide, eight-feet cabin provides plenty of working space and corridors to get up and move about, particularly helpful when flying long distances. The Challenger 604 has a full galley, allowing refreshments to be served en route. In addition, the interior has ample space for luggage and large clothing bags. Full lavatories allow comfort as well as a private space to change clothing prior to your arrival. Seats recline into prone, mid-back and upright positions so you can rest, sleep or work depending on your needs. A three seat sofa allows relaxation in flight.

Entertainment and business needs are met by the built in LAN, router, ethernet ports connected high-speed data transfer system and seven standard 110v power outlets. You can get emails downloaded and sent, keep your laptop and electronic devices charged and powered and still put your feet up as you get work done. Music and movie selections are available should you choose to spend your time in the air in a more relaxed fashion.

Fly in safety as the pilots navigate with modern, sophisticated avionics. The navigation systems allow pilots to take the Challenger through nasty weather, giving good assurance of on-time arrivals. The Challenger 603 has a maximum ceiling of 41,000 feet, slightly higher than most commercial flights. This keeps you above the traffic, allowing fast flights. The Challenger has a nautical range of 4,640 statute miles, making long trips continuous. There is no need to stop and refuel for most jaunts, including those that cross "the pond" over to Europe, or from the US West Coast to several Asian destinations.