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Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 is s super Mid Size executive style jet from Bombardier. With its 3500 mile nautical range, it is perfect for your transcontinental flights or just long distance flights in the country. You will be able to complete your flight without having to stop to refuel. The Challenger 300 is built for comfort and the unique features of the large cabin and the digital sound are only two great benefits that the aircraft offers. It is the perfect choice for your business trip. The cabin offers a six foot plus clearance so that passengers are able to walk about freely and mingle with the other passengers or just give their legs a stretch. The cabin of this aircraft offers the comfortable seating capacity for nine passengers. All passengers will find that the cabin is spacious enough for them to conduct business meeting or make their pre-business plans while in flight or just enjoy their flight in the relaxing atmosphere. Windows allow your passengers the advantage of looking out as the clouds pass by or admiring the view below. The windows add comfort creating a more spacious feel to the cabin. With the comfortable seating that this aircraft has to offer all passengers will find themselves a cozy spot whether it is in the captain style chairs or on the sofa.

The Challenger 300 offers a fully enclosed lavatory for passenger privacy and a full galley that is capable of meeting all of the passengers needs. Another fine feature is the 106 cubic foot storage space for all of the passengers’ luggage and personal items. Lost luggage and waiting at baggage claim for your luggage will not even be a possibility when chartering this aircraft.

When chartering this aircraft you will not only find it comfortable but you will also find it efficient and a great advantage to your traveling team. Whether your flight is for business or pleasure your itinerary will be met from take off to arrival. There will be no late departure and no late arrival. There will be no layovers and there will be no waiting for connecting flights. Your trip will be one of total enjoyment and pure pleasure.