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Bell Long Ranger

If you have a large party of travelers and are in need of a helicopter for charter, the Bell Long Ranger fits the bill. The Long Ranger is a larger version of the Bell Jet Ranger. The Long Ranger is a dual-blade rotor aircraft (helicopter) that has seating for seven. The Long Ranger has been in production and use since the late 1970s, testimony to its quality and design.

Up to seven passengers share the interior with the pilot. There are club seats (seats that face each other) for passengers, so you can talk and get work done while in the air. The Bell Long Ranger makes an ideal business charter helicopter as a result of the size and seating. To accommodate the noise associated with rotor aircraft, the Long Ranger's passenger section is equipped with a state of the art communication system that allows noise reducing, radio-based talking. The Long Ranger has an impeccable safety record, assuring you and your partners a safe and stress free charter flight.

Chartering a helicopter is a practical way of beating heavy traffic when you and your partners must make it to important engagements. The charter can be ready within a few hours of request, and if necessary, can remain on call for your engagements.

The Long Ranger, like most corporate helicopters, is ideal in that it can access small roof-top heliports and fly up and over traffic. Charter the Long Ranger between your fly-in arrival airport and the office building where your meetings are to ensure you arrive on time. The helicopter also provides a secure method of travel should you be an at risk dignitary or traveler. Stay above traffic and away from security risks by flying between your meetings or appointments.

The Long Ranger has a modest cargo hold, and has space in the interior for brief cases, attaches or small laptop bags. The engineering and design of the Long Ranger gives passengers a smooth ride throughout the skies. As another nod to the safety of the Long Ranger, it is a popular aircraft with fire and rescue departments as well as law enforcement and air medivac operations.

The Long Ranger is also a great option for charter sight seeing, aerial photography needs and special occasions like romantic getaways or weddings.