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Bell Jet Ranger

The Bell Ranger is one of the more popular lines of helicopters used by many air charter companies around the world. It’s sleek design, comfortable seating and excellent performance delivers passengers to their destination quickly and safely. These aircraft can be found from the United States to Egypt and New Zealand. This is one of the best-selling aircraft charters in the world.

The Jet Ranger has been redesigned several times to accommodate more passengers for comfort by extending the fuselage, giving the aircraft a more graceful and aesthetically pleasing look. This additional space also allowed passengers to store more luggage and gear. That makes this aircraft great for businesses to move people and essential equipment where needed, quickly and to the exact place needed. It’s compact size allows it to operate in tight areas.

The Jet Ranger has a maximum speed of 122 knots and a range of 430 miles. This aircraft has a cruising speed of 150 mph. This allows passengers to arrive at critical areas fast and at ranges that cover nearly every conceivable short-range distance where people need to be.

The Jet Ranger can take off quickly and attain a rate of climb of 1,350 feet per minute. It boasts a service ceiling of 13,500 feet. This gives engineers and other critical personnel a great birds-eye view to assess any situation from the air at a safe distance.

This aircraft has two blades and comes with either a single or twin-engine turbine configuration.

The Jet Ranger seats up to four passengers in comfort with its luxury leather interior. Every flight can be customized to a passenger’s request.

The Jet Ranger has the best safety record for any chopper in its class. Its smooth ride performance and safety equipment guarantees that passengers will arrive quickly and in unassailable condition.

The pressurized and heated cabin allows this chopper to operate in inclement weather.

Strict FAA regulations, requiring expert maintenance and rigorous operating standards, assure that these aircraft meet the highest standards of safety.

All aircrews have experience that exceed FAA requirements. When manpower and equipment must meet a deadline and be on location and at the exact time necessary, the Jet Ranger fills the bill, around the world.