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Bell 407

This four bladed helicopter is one of the most popular used in corporate travel as well as off shore transporting. With its flight range of 345 miles, it is perfect for a short or mid range trip. The Bell 407 is commonly used for air ambulances, law enforcement, news gathering and movie making. They offer a spacious cabin to insure total comfort for all passengers. It easily seats four to six passengers without any of the passengers having a crowded elbow to elbow feeling. The large windows are an added bonus and give all passengers a dynamic eye on the view below. It has the capability of providing superior performance at high altitudes and at high temperatures. The Bell 407 offers a higher than average take off weight therefore it can accommodate a luggage weight of 250 pounds. With a cruising speed of 132 miles per hour it is ideal for a relaxing flight. It provides minimal noise distraction so that passengers will easily be able to visit amongst themselves while in flight.

This aircraft is sure to meet all of your travel needs. Whether you trip is for personal reasons or business reasons, the Bell 407 will fulfill your demands. With only a few hours notice we will be able to help you meet your travel itinerary. Late arrivals will not be a concern that you will have to deal with nor will late departures. You will never have to worry about layovers or connecting flights. Your time is precious so there is no need to spend it wandering around airports and waiting on flights. You will be able to plan your itinerary and stick to it. You will find that landing at one of the executive airports or helipads with no delays is the only way to fly.

It is our goal to serve you with nothing but quality service. Your itinerary is as important to us as it is to you. We take pride in knowing that your flight is going to be comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable. Chartering with us is going to open up a whole new traveling world for you and once you have used our service you won't want to travel any other way.