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Augusta 109

The Augusta 109 helicopter is a luxury executive style rotor aircraft. This helicopter is the perfect choice for business meetings, travel and corporate transportation when style and speed is required. The Augusta is unique in that its top speed of 195mph makes it almost as fast as some charter airplanes. This allows the Augusta to compete with the airplane's speed, but touch down on helipads on buildings or corporate parks, unlike fixed-wing airplanes.

The Augusta's cabin has seating for six, and is arranged such that it is possible to hold meetings or conduct business while in the air. The cabin is insulated from much of the rotor-wash noise common to helicopters. When you are in the Augusta, you barely know you are dealing with the high-powered helicopter noise. If you opt to charter the Augusta 109 in most cases it can be ready to go in a few hours, making it easy for you and your partners should the need arise for quick air transport.

By chartering a helicopter such as the Augusta 109, you alleviate any stress regarding commercial air transport. There is no need to worry about clearing TSA, checking in, experiencing delays or cancellations and having to arrange ground transportation from the airport to the meeting. Often, ground transportation goes through heavy traffic, causing unexpected delays as well. The Augusta goes directly from an executive airport of roof top helipad to the destination of choice.

As the helicopter arrives, the pilot and crew guide you into the Augusta, making sure you are safe and secure as you enter the aircraft. There is space in the cabin for your computer bags and brief cases, and if you have large luggage or baggage, the crew stores it in the secure cargo hold of the helicopter.

Another charter purpose with the Augusta is for personal travel, and group travel. Imagine flying into a helipad at a ski resort or golf club. If you want to do some aerial photography, the Augusta provides a secure platform to ensure smooth shots. Pilot and crew is dedicated to your safety and work hard to provide you with the most courteous and professional air service possible.