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Be'er Sheva (Teyman) Airport Charter Flights

Private Jet can handle all of your charter services needs to or from Be'er Sheva (Teyman) Airport.

Be'er Sheva (Teyman) Airport Details

Type: Small Airport

Scheduled Service: No



Elevation: 656 Feet

Latitude: 31.287

Longitude: 34.723

Runways at Be'er Sheva (Teyman) Airport

Be'er Sheva (Teyman) Airport has 1 runway.

1 3384 Feet69 FeetASPNo

Radio Frequencies

Be'er Sheva (Teyman) Airport utilizes the following radio frequencies.


Charter a Jet to Beersheva Can Be Economical

Charter a Jet to Beersheva Can Be Economical

In a planet where millions of people have never traveled on an airplane, there are some big shots who own their personal private jets. The concept of air travel gained popularity immediately after the end of World War II and the thought of traveling in a chartered plane was also provoked during that era. The multimillionaire businessmen initiated that idea and the rest has become a part of the history now.( ( Apart from the rich businessmen, people such as armed forces officers, envoys, senior state officials and celebrities are finding it much easier to travel from one place to another on their private planes. For instance, it has now become lot simpler for a topnotch industrialist to fly from New York City JFK, John F. Kennedy International Airport to Beersheva $airport code $airport name or anywhere else he wants to visit. ( ( The travel through chartered plane will not only save his precious time but also take him to the closest landing facility of his destination. At the same time, the passenger will also receive utmost comfort and VIP treatment throughout the entire trip.

At a time when even First Class can barely live up to the title, private jet charter provides a comparable alternative to commercial travel. This comparison is especially prevalent with business flights. When considering business class prices such as a round trip from Beersheva $airport code $airport name to Beersheva $airport code $airport name or Beersheva $airport code $airport name to Beersheva $airport code $airport name, some private charter services can offer up to 25% savings over their commercial competition. This in addition to avoiding flight delays, baggage routines, security checks and overall large airport environment; makes chartering a private jet the more attractive option for executives and other business people alike. Moreover, the reliable and customizable choices offered by private jet charter can also save business people up to 359 hours in nonproductive time.

Private jets are among the best forms of airline travel. With private jets you get to travel on your own terms and go wherever you want and whenever you want. In order to get a private jet you will need to either rent or buy a one for personal use. When renting a private jet you will need to pay an hourly fee which can range up to $2500. As far as buying a private jet there are many options to choose from. You can buy one that has only a couple of seats and compact or you can get one that is large enough to have up to 50 or more passengers. These private jets often cost well over one million dollars so they are quite expensive. When looking to charter a private jet from Beersheva, $airport code or $airport name you will be able to travel at your own convenience.