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, Balochistan

Air charter service to and from , Balochistan.

Large Airports in , Balochistan

Medium Airports in , Balochistan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
A 511 Airport
Ağrı Airport AJI
Abadan Airport ABD
Abeche Airport AEH
Abha Airport AHB
Abu Simbel Airport ABS
Abumusa Island Airport AEU
Adıyaman Airport ADF
Afyon Airport AFY
Agartala Airport IXA
Agatti Airport AGX
Aghajari Airport
Agra Airport AGR
Ahmedabad Airport AMD
Ahwaz Airport AWZ
Aizawl Airport AJL
Akhisar Airport
Akola Airport AKD
Al Ahsa Airport HOF
Al Anad Air Base
Al Azraq / Al Shaheed Muwaffaq Salti Air Base
Al Baha Airport ABT
Al Bumbah North Air Base
Al Dhafra Air Base
Al Ghaidah International Airport AAY
Ali Al Salem Air Base
Along Airport IXV
Alpha Airport ABH
Altay Air Base
Alverca Airport
Amasya Merzifon Airport MZH
Ambala Air Force Station
Ambodedjo Airport MZI
Amborovy Airport Airport MJN
Amritsar Air Force Station ATQ
An Nasiriyah Air Base
Anaa Airport AAA
Analalava Airport HVA
Andapa Airport ZWA
Andros Town Airport ASD
Antique Airport SJI
Antsirabato Airport ANM
Ararat Airport ARY
Arba Minch Airport AMH
Ardabil Airport ADU
Armidale Airport ARM
Arrachart Airport DIE
Arthurs Town Airport ATC
Arutua Airport AXR
Asahikawa Airport
Ashiya Airport
Aswan International Airport ASW
Asyut International Airport ATZ
Ataq Airport AXK
Atsugi Naval Air Facility NJA
Avalon Airport AVV
Axum Airport AXU
Aykhal Airport
Çanakkale Airport CKZ
Çardak Airport DNZ
Çiğli Airport IGL
Bagdarin Airport
Baihe Ning Ming Air Base
Bairnsdale Airport BSJ
Baita Airport HET
Baitabu Air Base
Baku Zabrat Airport
Balıkesir Körfez Airport EDO
Balıkesir Merkez Airport BZI
Ballina Byron Gateway Airport BNK
Balranald Airport BZD
Bam Airport BXR
Bandar Lengeh Airport BDH
Bandari Air Base
Bandırma Airport BDM
Bandundu Airport FDU
Bangoka International Airport FKI
Baoji Air Base
Baoshan Airport
Barcaldine Airport BCI
Bareilly Air Force Station
Baruun Urt Airport UUN
Basco Airport BSO
Bata Airport BSG
Bateen Airport AZI
Bathurst Airport BHS
Bathurst Island Airport BRT
Batman Airport BAL
Batna Airport BLJ
Bedourie Airport BEU
Beihan Airport BHN
Belaya Gora Airport
Belgaum Airport IXG
Beloyarskiy Airport EYK
Benalla Airport BLN
Benina Airport BEN
Berezovo Airport EZV
Bern Belp Airport BRN
Besalampy Airport BPY
Bhatinda Air Force Station BUP
Bhavnagar Airport BHU
Bhopal Airport BHO
Bhubaneshwar Airport BBI
Bhuj Airport BHJ
Bidar Air Force Station
Bilaspur Airport PAB
Birdsville Airport BVI
Birsa Munda Airport IXR
Bisha Airport BHH
Biskra Airport BSK
Bislig Airport BPH
Blackall Airport BKQ
Blackwater Airport BLT
Blida Airport QLD
Borlange Airport BLE
Bou Chekif Airport TID
Bou Saada Airport BUJ
Bouaké Airport BYK
Boufarik Airport QFD
Boulia Airport BQL
Bourke Airport BRK
Braga Airport BGZ
Braganca Airport BGC
Braunschweig Wolfsburg Airport BWE
Brewarrina Airport BWQ
Broken Hill Airport BHQ
Bryansk Airport BZK
Buchel Airport
Buckeburg Airport
Bukavu Kavumu Airport BKY
Bundaberg Airport BDB
Bunia Airport BUX
Buri Ram Airport BFV
Bursa Yenişehir Airport YEI
Bushehr Airport BUZ
Busuanga Airport USU
Buta Zega Airport BZU
Cacique Aramare Airport PYH
Caicara del Orinoco Airport CXA
Cairns International Airport CNS
Cairo West Airport CWE
Calicut Airport CCJ
Camden Airport CDU
Camiguin Airport CGM
Cangxian Air Base
Capitan Fap Guillermo Concha Iberico Airport PIU
Capitan Montes Airport TYL
Car Nicobar Air Force Station CBD
Carnarvon Airport CVQ
Cauayan Airport CYZ
Ceduna Airport CED
Celle Airport ZCN
Cengiz Topel Airport KCO
Cerklje Airport
Cha Ian Airport NST
Chah Bahar Airport ZBR
Changchun Air Base
Changsha Huanghua International Air Base
Changzing Air Base
Charleville Airport CTL
Cheikh Larbi Tebessi Airport TEE
Chengdu Air Base
Cheongju International Airport CJJ
Chiang Mai International Airport CNX
Chiang Rai International Airport CEI
Chichen Itza International Airport CZA
Chifeng Air Base
Chinchilla Airport CCL
Chitose Air Base
Choibalsan Airport COQ
Chub Cay Airport CCZ
Chumphon Airport CJM
Ciudad Bolívar Airport CBL
Clermont Airport CMQ
Cleve Airport CVC
Cloncurry Airport CNJ
Cobar Airport CAZ
Cocos Keeling Island Airport CCK
Coen Airport CUQ
Coffs Harbour Airport CFS
Coimbatore Airport CJB
Coimbra Airport CBP
Coleman Army Air Field
Colima Airport CLQ
Colonel Hill Airport CRI
Conakry Airport CKY
Coober Pedy Airport CPD
Cooktown Airport CTN
Cooma Snowy Mountains Airport OOM
Coonabarabran Airport COJ
Coonamble Airport CNB
Cootamundra Airport CMD
Coronel Carlos Ciriani Santa Rosa International Airport TCQ
Corowa Airport CWW
Corryong Airport CYG
Covilha Airport COV
Cowra Airport CWT
Cuddapah Airport CDP
Culiacan International Airport CUL
Cumaná (Antonio José de Sucre) Airport CUM
Cunnamulla Airport CMA
Daegu Air Base TAE
Daishan Air Base
Daloa Airport DJO
Daman Airport NMB
Dandong Air Base
Dangyang Air Base
Daru Airport DAU
Dayrestan Airport
Deadmans Cay Airport LGI
Dehradun Airport DED
Del Norte International Airport NTR
Deniliquin Airport
Derby Airport DRB
Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport IDR
Devonport Airport DPO
Dhanbad Airport DBD
Dimapur Airport DMU
Dingxin/Shuangchengzi Air Base
Dipolog Airport DPL
Dirranbandi Airport DRN
Diyarbakir Airport DIY
Dongshan Airport HLD
Dongying Air Base
Dortmund Airport DTM
Dubbo Airport DBO
Duncan Town Airport DCT
Durango International Airport DGO
Dyagilevo Air Base
Dysart Airport DYA
Ech Cheliff Airport QAS
Echuca Airport ECH
El Arish International Airport AAC
El Aroui Airport NDR
El Golea Airport ELG
El Gora Airport EGH
El Libertador Airbase ELR
Elazığ Airport EZS
Elcho Island Airport ELC
Elorza Airport EOZ
Emerald Airport EMD
Emmen Airport
Erding Airport
Erzincan Airport ERC
Es Senia Airport ORN
Eskişehir Air Base ESK
Esperance Airport EPR
Exuma International Airport GGT
Fakarava Airport FAV
Fangatau Airport FGU
Faranah Airport FAA
Fascene Airport NOS
Fassberg Airport
Faya Largeau Airport FYT
Feidong Air Base
Fengning Air Base
Fianarantsoa Airport WFI
Fitzroy Crossing Airport FIZ
Foluo Northeast Air Base
Forbes Airport FRB
Forrest Airport FOS
Frankfurt Hahn Airport HHN
Fria Airport FIG
Friedrichshafen Airport FDH
Fujairah International Airport FJR
Fukui Airport FKJ
Futenma Marine Corps Air Station
Fuxin Air Base
Gachsaran Airport
Gangneung Airport KAG
Gao Airport GAQ
Garden Point Airport GPN
Gassim Airport ELQ
Gaya Airport GAY
Güvercinlik Airport
Gbadolite Airport BDT
Geçitkale Air Base GEC
Geilenkirchen Airport GKE
Gemena Airport GMA
General Bartolome Salom International Airport PBL
General Francisco J Mujica International Airport MLM
General Francisco Javier Mina International Airport TAM
General Heriberto Jara International Airport VER
General Ignacio P Garcia International Airport HMO
General Leobardo C Ruiz International Airport ZCL
General Lucio Blanco International Airport REX
General Manuel Marquez De Leon International Airport LAP
General Mariano Matamoros Airport CVJ
General Pedro Jose Mendez International Airport CVM
General Rafael Buelna International Airport MZT
General Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada International Airport MXL
General Servando Canales International Airport MAM
George Town Airport GGT
Geraldton Airport GET
Ghale Morghi Airport
Ghat Airport GHT
Ghriss Airport MUW
Girua Airport PNP
Gladstone Airport GLT
Glen Innes Airport GLI
Gold Coast Airport OOL
Gonghe Air Base
Gongzhuling Air Base
Gorakhpur Airport GOP
Gorgan Airport GBT
Goroka Airport GKA
Goulburn Airport GUL
Gove Airport GOV
Governors Harbour Airport GHB
Grafenwohr Army Air Field
Grafton Airport GFN
Grand Bahama International Airport FPO
Great Harbour Cay Airport GHC
Grenchen Airport ZHI
Griffith Airport GFF
Groote Eylandt Airport GTE
Guanajuato International Airport BJX
Guangzhou Shadi Air Base
Guasdalito Airport GDO
Guemar Airport ELU
Guiping Mengshu Air Base
Guiria Airport GUI
Guna Airport GUX
Gunnedah Airport GUH
Guriat Domestic Airport URY
Gurney Airport GUR
Gwangju Airport KWJ
H1 New Air Base
H2 Air Base
H3 Air Base
H3 Northwest AFB
H3 Southwest Air Base
Hachijojima Airport HAC
Hachinohe Airport HHE
Hagfors Airport HFS
Hail Airport HAS
Hailang Airport MDG
Hakodate Airport HKD
Halls Creek Airport HCQ
Hamamatsu Airport
Hamilton Airport HLZ
Hamilton Island Airport HTI
Hanamaki Airport HNA
Hao Airport HOI
Harbin Air Base
Hassi R'Mel Airport HRM
Hat Yai International Airport HDY
Hatay Airport HTY
Hay Airport HXX
Hede Air Base
Hemavan Airport HMV
Herat Airport HEA
Heringsdorf Airport HDF
Hermanos Serdan International Airport PBC
Hervey Bay Airport HVB
Hiroshima Airport HIJ
Hiroshimanishi Airport HIW
Hissar Airport HSS
Hiva Oa-Atuona Airport AUQ
Hobart Airport HBA
Hofu Airport
Hohenfels Army Air Field
Hohhot Air Base
Hohn Airport
Hokitika Airfield HKK
Holzdorf Airport
Hopetoun Airport HTU
Horn Island Airport HID
Horsham Airport HSM
Huairen Air Base
Hudiksvall Airport HUV
Huian Air Base
Huiyang Air Base
Hultsfred Airport HLF
Hyakuri Airport
Hyvinkaa Airport HYV
Ie Jima Airport IEJ
Iki Airport IKI
Iligan Airport IGN
Illizi Takhamalt Airport VVZ
Imphal Airport IMF
In Amenas Airport IAM
In Salah Airport INZ
Ingeniero Alberto Acuna Ongay International Airport CPE
Inverell Airport IVR
Iran Shahr Airport
Ishigaki Airport ISG
Ivato Airport TNR
Iwami Airport IWJ
Iwo Jima Airport IWO
Ixtapa Zihuatanejo International Airport ZIH
Ixtepec Airport IZT
Izumo Airport IZO
Jabalpur Airport JLR
Jaipur Airport JAI
Jaisalmer Airport JSA
Jalalabad Airport JAA
Jalibah Southeast Air Base
Jammu Airport IXJ
Jamshedpur Airport IXW
Jeongseok Airport
Jever Airport
Jialaishi Air Base
Jiamusi Airport JMU
Jiaozhou/Jiaocheng Air Base
Jiaxing Air Base
Jijel Airport GJL
Jinan Air Base
Jiroft Airport
Jiugucheng Air Base
Jolo Airport JOL
Jorhat Airport JRH
Jungwon Air Base
Jwaneng Airport JWA
Kahramanmaraş Airport KCM
Kailashahar Airport IXH
Kaiyuan Air Base
Kalemie Airport FMI
Kalgoorlie Boulder Airport KGI
Kalibo Airport KLO
Kalmar Airport KLR
Kamina Base Airport KMN
Kamphaeng Saen Airport
Kampong Chhnang Airport KZC
Kamuzu International Airport LLW
Kananga Airport KGA
Kandahar Airport KDH
Kandla Airport IXY
Kangra Airport DHM
Kanoya Airport
Kanpur Airport KNU
Karlskoga Airport KSK
Karlsruhe Baden Baden Airport FKB
Karlstad Airport KSD
Karratha Airport KTA
Kashan Airport
Kashi Airport KHG
Kastner Army Air Field
Kauhajoki Airport KHJ
Kaukura Airport KKR
Kavieng Airport KVG
Kayes Dag Dag Airport KYS
Kempsey Airport KPS
Kenitra Airport NNA
Kerang Airport KRA
Kerema Airport KMA
Kerman Airport KER
Keshod Airport IXK
Khajuraho Airport HJR
Khark Island Airport KHK
Khok Kathiam Airport KKM
Khon Kaen Airport KKC
Khoram Abad Airport KHD
Kikai Airport KKX
Kikwit Airport KKW
Kilimanjaro International Airport JRO
Kindu Airport KND
King Island Airport KNS
King Khaled Air Base KMX
Kingaroy Airport KGY
Kingscote Airport KGC
Kiruna Airport KRN
Kisarazu Airport
Kish Island Airport KIH
Kisimayu Airport KMU
Kitadaito Airport KTD
Kitee Airport KTQ
Kochi Airport KCZ
Kolhapur Airport KLH
Kolwezi Airport KWZ
Konduz Airport UND
Korhogo Airport HGO
Kota Airport KTU
Krabi Airport KBV
Kullu Manali Airport KUU
Kumejima Airport UEO
Kununurra Airport KNX
Kushiro Airport KUH
Kut Al Hayy East Air Base
Kyzylagadzh Air Base
La Fria Airport LFR
Laage Airport RLG
Labasa Airport LBS
Labe Airport LEK
Lae Nadzab Airport LAE
Laghouat Airport LOO
Lahr Airport LHA
Laiyang Air Base
Lalin Air Base
Lampang Airport LPT
Landsberg Lech Airport
Laohutun Air Base
Lar Airport LRR
Latrobe Valley Airport LTB
Launceston Airport LST
Laupheim Airport
Lavan Island Airport LVP
Lazaro Cardenas Airport LZC
Learmouth Airport LEA
Lecce Airport LCC
Lechfeld Airport
Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport IXL
Leigh Creek Airport LGH
Leinster Airport LER
Leirin Airport VDB
Leiyang Air Base
Lencero Airport JAL
Les Eplatures Airport
Liancheng Air Base Lianfeng
Licenciado Manuel Crescencio Rejon Int Airport MID
Licenciado y General Ignacio Lopez Rayon Airport UPN
Lightning Ridge Airport LHG
Lijiang Airport
Lingshui Air Base
Lintsang Airfield
Lisala Airport LIQ
Lismore Airport LSY
Liuting Airport TAO
Ljtao Air Base
Lockhart River Airport IRG
Loei Airport LOE
Longjia Airport CGQ
Longreach Airport LRE
Longtian/Lung-T'ien Air Base
Longyou Air Base
Lubang Airport LBX
Lubeck Blankensee Airport LBC
Lubumbashi International Airport FBM
Lucknow Airport LKO
Ludhiana Airport LUH
Lugano Airport LUG
Luliang Air Base
Luxor International Airport LXR
Luyang Air Base
Lycksele Airport LYC
Mackay Airport MKY
Madang Airport MAG
Madurai Airport IXM
Mae Hong Son Airport HGN
Mae Sot Airport MAQ
Magas Airport
Mahshahr Airport MRX
Mahuiling Air Base
Maimana Airport MMZ
Makemo Airport MKP
Mamburao Airport MBO
Man Airport MJC
Manakara Airport WVK
Mananjary Airport MNJ
Manapouri Airport TEU
Mangalore Airport IXE
Manihi Airport XMH
Maningrida Airport MNG
Mareeba Airport MRG
Maria Reiche Neuman Airport NZA
Maribor Airport MBX
Mariehamn Airport MHQ
Maroantsetra Airport WMN
Maroochydore Sunshine Coast Airport MCY
Marsa Alam International Airport RMF
Marsa Brega Airport LMQ
Mataiva Airport MVT
Matan al-Sarra Air Base
Matari Airport IRP
Mati National Airport MXI
Maturín Airport MUN
Maupiti Airport MAU
Mayaguana Airport MYG
Mazar I Sharif Airport MZR
Mbandaka Airport MDK
Mbuji Mayi Airport MJM
Mecheria Airport
Meekatharra Airport MKR
Mekele Airport MQX
Melbourne Essendon Airport MEB
Memanbetsu Airport MMB
Memmingen Allgau Airport FMM
Menara Airport RAK
Mendi Airport MDU
Mendig Airport
Mengzi Air Base
Merimbula Airport MIM
Mersa Matruh Airport MUH
Metropolitano Airport
Miandrivazo Airport ZVA
Mildura Airport MQL
Minami Daito Airport MMD
Minatitlan Airport MTT
Misawa Air Base MSJ
Miyakejima Airport MYE
Miyako Airport MMY
Miyazaki Airport KMI
Mohéli Bandar Es Eslam Airport NWA
Mollis Airport
Momeik Airport MOE
Momote Airport MAS
Monbetsu Airport MBE
Monclova International Airport LOV
Monte Real Airport
Moorea Airport MOZ
Mora Airport MXX
Moranbah Airport MOV
Moree Airport MRZ
Morombe Airport MXM
Morondava Airport MOQ
Moruya Airport MYA
Mosjøen Airport, Kjærstad MJF
Moulay Ali Cherif Airport ERH
Moundou Airport MQQ
Mount Cook Airport MON
Mount Gambier Airport MGB
Mount Hotham Airport MHU
Mount Isa Airport ISA
Mount Keith Airport WME
Mount Magnet Airport MMG
Mudgee Airport DGE
Munda Airport MUA
Muzaffarpur Airport MZU
Nagasaki Airport NGS
Naja Airport
Nakashibetsu Airport SHB
Nakhon Phanom Airport KOP
Nakhon Ratchasima Airport NAK
Nan Airport NNT
Nanki Shirahama Airport SHM
Napier Airport NPE
Narathiwat Airport NAW
Narrabri Airport NAA
Narrandera Airport NRA
Narromine Airport QRM
Narsarsuaq Airport UAK
Ndjili International Airport FIH
Ndolo Airport NLO
Nejran Airport EAM
Neubrandenburg Airport FNB
Neuburg Airport
New Kitakyushu Airport KKJ
New Tanegashima Airport TNE
Newman Airport ZNE
Ngukurr Airport RPM
Niigata Airport KIJ
Ningbo Zhangqiao Air Base
Nordholz Airport NDZ
Normans Cay Airport NMC
Normanton Airport NTN
North Caicos Airport NCA
North Eleuthera Airport ELH
Norvenich Airport QOE
Noshahr Airport NSH
Noto Airport NTQ
Notodden Airport NTB
Nowra Airport NOA
Nuku Hiva Airport NHV
Nuuk Airport GOH
Nyutabaru Airport
Oakey Airport OKY
Oamaru Airport OAM
Oberpfaffenhofen Airport OBF
Obihiro Airport OBO
Odate Noshiro Airport ONJ
Oita Airport OIT
Okayama Airport OKJ
Okba Ibn Nafa Air Base
Okierabu Airport OKE
Okushiri Airport OIR
Orange Airport OAG
Oshima Airport OIM
Oskarshamn Airport OSK
Ouarzazate Airport OZZ
Oued Irara Airport HME
Ouesso Airport OUE
Ovar Airport
Ozuki Airport
Paderborn Lippstadt Airport PAD
Padre Aldamiz Airport PEM
Pagadian Airport PAG
Pajala Airport PJA
Palmerston North Airport PMR
Palmyra Airport PMS
Panagarh Air Force Station
Paraburdoo Airport PBO
Paramillo Airport SCI
Paraparaumu Airport PPQ
Parkes Airport PKE
Paro Airport PBH
Pathankot Air Force Station IXP
Patna Airport PAT
Pattani Airport PAN
Paya Lebar Air Base QPG
Payam Airport
Payerne Airport
Phetchabun Airport PHY
Phitsanulok Airport PHS
Phrae Airport PRH
Phuket International Airport HKT
Piedras Negras International Airport PDS
Pingquan Air Base
Playa De Oro International Airport ZLO
Pohang Airport KPO
Ponciano Arriaga International Airport SLP
Pondicherry Airport PNY
Porbandar Airport PBD
Port Augusta Airport PUG
Port Hedland International Airport PHE
Port Keats Airport PKT
Port Lincoln Airport PLO
Port Macquarie Airport PQQ
Port Pirie Airport PPI
Portimao Airport PRM
Portland Airport PTJ
Porto Santo Airport PXO
Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Airport
Prince Sultan Air Base AKH
Principe Airport PCP
Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport PPP
Puerto Escondido International Airport PXM
Puka Puka Airport PKP
Pukaki Airport TWZ
Pulandian Air Base
Qalat Salih Air Base
Qingdao-Cangkou Air Base
Qingshui Air Base
Qionglai Air Base
Queenstown International Airport ZQN
Querétaro Intercontinental Airport QRO
Quetzalcoatl International Airport NLD
Quilpie Airport ULP
RAAF Base Amberley
RAAF Base Curtin
RAAF Base East Sale SXE
RAF Akrotiri AKT
Rafsanjan Airport RJN
Raipur Airport RPR
Rajahmundry Airport RJA
Rajkot Airport RAJ
Ramsar Airport RZR
Rangiroa Airport RGI
Ranong Airport UNN
Ras Mishab Airport
Ras Tanajib Airport
Ras Tanura Airport
Rasheed Air Base
Rasht Airport RAS
Ratnagiri Airport RTC
Reao Airport REA
Relizane Airport QZN
Renmark Airport RMK
Rheine Bentlage Airport ZPQ
Rishiri Airport RIS
RNZAF Base Auckland-Whenuapai
RNZAF Base Ohakea OHA
Rock Sound Airport RSD
Rockhampton Airport ROK
Roi Et Airport ROI
Roma Airport RMA
Ronneby Airport RNB
Roth Airport
Rottnest Island Airport RTS
Rourkela Airport RRK
Rurutu Airport RUR
Ruwayshid Air Base
Saarbrücken Airport SCN
Saïss Airport FEZ
Sado Airport SDS
Safdarjung Airport
Saga Airport HSG
Sahl Sinjar Air Base
Sainte Marie Airport SMS
Sakon Nakhon Airport SNO
Salem Airport SXV
Salum Air Base
Sam Neua Airport NEU
Samarra East Air Base
Sambava Airport SVB
Samedan Airport SMV
Samui Airport USM
San Antonio Del Tachira Airport SVZ
San Fernando Airport SFE
San Pedro Airport SPY
San Tome Airport SOM
Sanandaj Airport SDG
Sanga Sanga Airport SGS
Saniat Rmel Airport TTU
Santa Bárbara del Zulia Airport STB
Santa Elena de Uairen Airport SNV
Santo Pekoa International Airport SON
Sari Dasht E Naz Airport SRY
Satna Airport TNI
Savannakhet Airport ZVK
Sayun International Airport GXF
Schleswig Airport WBG
Schwerin Parchim Airport SZW
Selebi Phikwe Airport PKW
Sendai Airport SDJ
Seoul Air Base SSN
Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani Airport KSH
Shahid Asyaee Airport
Shahre Kord Airport CQD
Shaoguan Air Base
Shark Bay Airport DNM
Sharm El Sheikh International Airport SSH
Sharurah Airport SHW
Shepparton Airport SHT
Shigatse Air Base
Shimla Airport SLV
Shimofusa Airport
Shimojishima Airport SHI
Shizuhama Airport
Shonai Airport SYO
Siegerland Airport SGE
Sigonella Airport NSY
Silchar Airport IXS
Sintra Airport
Sion Airport SIR
Siping Air Base
Sirjan Airport SYJ
Sirri Island Airport SXI
Sirsa Air Force Station
Sital Chay Airport
Smithton Airport SIO
Snake Bay Airport SNB
Sondre Stromfjord Airport SFJ
Songkhla Airport SGZ
Sortavala Airport
Soummam Airport BJA
South Bimini Airport BIM
South Caicos Airport XSC
South Pole Station Airport
Sri Sathya Sai Airport BEK
St Catherine International Airport SKV
St Gallen Altenrhein Airport ACH
Staniel Cay Airport TYM
Stawell Airport SWC
Stella Maris Airport SML
Storuman Airport SQO
Sua Pan Airport SXN
Suixi Air Base
Suizhong Air Base
Sukhothai Airport THS
Surat Airport STV
Surat Thani Airport URT
Surigao Airport SUG
Surin Airport
Suwon Airport SWU
Sveg Airport EVG
Swan Hill Airport SWH
Ta'izz International Airport TAI
Taba International Airport TCP
Tabiteuea North Airport TBF
Tabuk Airport TUU
Tafaraoui Airport TAF
Tahiti Faaa Airport PPT
Taif Airport TIF
Tajin Airport PAZ
Tak Airport TKT
Takamatsu Airport TAK
Takapoto Airport TKP
Takaroa Airport TKX
Takhli Airport TKH
Tal Ashtah New Air Base
Tamanrasset Airport TMR
Tambler Airport
Tamworth Airport TMW
Tancos Airport
Tandag Airport TDG
Tangguantun Air Base
Tanna Airport TAH
Tapachula International Airport TAP
Tarama Airport TRA
Tateyama Airport
Telfer Airport TEF
Temora Airport TEM
Tengah Air Base TGA
Tezpur Airport TEZ
Thargomindah Airport XTG
Tiahe Air Base
Tian Yang Air Base
Tianshui Air Base
Tibooburra Airport TYB
Tikehau Airport TIH
Timaru Airport TIU
Timimoun Airport TMX
Tindal Airport KTR
Tindouf Airport TIN
Tiska Airport DJG
Toamasina Airport TMM
Tokachi Airport
Tokua Airport RAB
Tokushima Airport TKS
Toliara Airport TLE
Toowoomba Airport TWB
Torp Airport TRF
Torreon International Airport TRC
Torsby Airport TYF
Totegegie Airport GMR
Tottori Airport TTJ
Touat Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir Airport AZR
Trang Airport TST
Trat Airport
Treasure Cay Airport TCB
Tsuiki Airport
Tsushima Airport TSJ
Tubuai Airport TUB
Tuchengzi Air Base
Tuguegarao Airport TUG
Tumeremo Airport TMO
Tumut Airport TUM
Turaif Domestic Airport TUI
Tuz Khurmatu Air Base
Ubon Ratchathani Airport UBP
Udaipur Airport UDR
Udhampur Air Force Station
Udon Thani Airport UTH
Uromiyeh Airport OMH
Urumqi South Air Base
Utsunomiya Airport QUT
Uxxaktal Air Base
Vadodara Airport BDQ
Valle de La Pascua Airport VDP
Valle Del Fuerte International Airport LMM
Vanimo Airport VAI
Varanasi Airport VNS
Vijayawada Airport VGA
Vila Real Airport VRL
Vilhelmina Airport VHM
Viseu Airport VSE
Vohimarina Airport VOH
Volgodonsk Airport VLK
Wadi Al Dawasir Airport EWD
Wadi Al Khirr New Air Base
Wagga Wagga Airport WGA
Wakkanai Airport WKJ
Walgett Airport WGE
Wanaka Airport WKA
Wangaratta Airport WGT
Wapenamanda Airport WBM
Warracknabeal Airport WKB
Warren Airport QRR
Wattay International Airport VTE
Weipa Airport WEI
Wendeng Air Base
Wenshan Air Base
Wenshui Air Base
West Sale Airport SXE
Westerland Sylt Airport GWT
Westport Airport WSZ
Wewak International Airport WWK
Whakatane Airport WHK
Whangarei Airport WRE
Wiluna Airport WUN
Windorah Airport WNR
Winton Airport WIN
Wittmundhafen Airport
Wollongong Airport WOL
Wonju Airport WJU
Wugong Air Base
Wulumuqi Air Base
Wunstorf Airport
Wuwei Air Base
Xian Air Base
Xiangyun Midu Air Base
Xiaogan Air Base
Xincheng Air Base
Xingcheng Air Base
Xining Air Base
Xoxocotlan International Airport OAX
Xuzhou Daguozhang Air Base
Xuzhou Jiulishan Air Base
Yaerbashi Test Range
Yakushima Airport KUM
Yamagata Airport GAJ
Yamaguchi Ube Airport UBJ
Yamoussoukro Airport ASK
Yangcun Air Base
Yanji Airport YNJ
Yanliang Air Base
Yasouj Airport
Yazd Shahid Sadooghi Airport AZD
Yecheon Airport YEC
Yenbo Airport YNB
Yidu Air Base
Yingchenzi/Xinzhaizi-Dalian Air Base
Ylivieska Airport YLI
Yonaguni Airport OGN
Yoron Airport RNJ
Young Airport NGA
Yuanmou Air Base
Zabol Airport ACZ
Zanjan Airport
Zenata Airport TLM
Zero Airport ZER
Zhangjiakou Air Base
Zhangshu Air Base
Zhangye Southeast Air Base
Zhongchuan Airport ZGC
Zhucheng Air Base
Zunhua Air Base

Small Airports in , Balochistan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aavahelukka Airport
Abaco I Walker C Airport WKR
Abingdon Downs Airport
Abqaiq Airport
Abrolhos Island
Abrolhos North Island
Abrolhos Rat Island
Abu Ali Airport
Abu Road Airport
Acañana Airport
Acacia Downs Airport
Achaguas Airport
Adaminaby Airport
Adampur Air Force Station
Adícora Airport
Adelaide Airport
Adels Grove Airport
Aeropelican Airport BEO
Afro Venture Airport
Agdzhabedi Airport
Agedabia Airport
Aghdam Airport
Aghdas Airport
Agnes Water Airport
Agropecuaria Cuajarote Airport
Agropecuaria Gamma Airport
Agropecuaria Los Araguaneyes Airport
Agropecuaria San Francisco Airport
Agua Clara Airport
Agua Linda Airport
Agua Prieta South Airport
Agua Prieta Southwest Airport
Aguacate Airport
Agualeguas Airport
Agualeguas Old Airport
Ahmadi Military Air Field
Ahmosuo Airport
Ain Oussera Airport
Airport Punta Espada
Ajaokuta Airport
Akbarpur Airport
Akeno Airport
Akhty Airfield
Al Al Airport
Al Artawiyah South Airport
Al Badie Airport
Al Bir Highway Strip
Al Fathah Air Base
Al Ghadaf Highway Strip
Al Hamada Con 66 East Airport
Al Hamra Aux Airport
Al Hasa Airport
Al Hayy Airport
Al Iskandariyah New Airport
Al Jafr 2 Air Base
Al Jufra Airport
Al Khadim Airport
Al Kharj
Al Kharj East Airport
Al Khuwaymat Airport
Al Lidem Airport
Al Mansurah Airport
Al Mufrash Airport
Al Muhammadi Airport
Al Qatranah Highway Strip
Al Quwayrah Highway Strip
Al Rahmaniyah
Al Saqr Field
Al Wariah SE Highway Strip
Al Wigh Airport
Alaki Hot Springs
Albilbah Airport
Albion Downs Airport
Albrechts Aistrip
Alcoota Station Airport
Alderley Airport
Alexandria Homestead Airport AXL
Alexandrovo Air Base
Alfonsina's Airstrip
Algodonal Airport
Aligoodarz Airport
Allambie Airport
Allandy Airport
Altagracia Airport
Altagracia de Orituco Airport
Alton Downs Airport
Alturas Airport
Amakusa Airport
Amansa Guapos Airport
Amara New Air Base
Amata Airport AMT
Ambilobe Airport AMB
Ambri Airport
Amburla Airport
Amla Airport
Amlikon Glider Airport
Ammaroo Airport AMX
Amol Airport
Ampampamena Airport
Amphitheatre Airport
Ampilatwatja Airport
An Numaniyah Air Base
Anadolu University Airport AOE
Andado Airport
Andamooka Airport ADO
Andulo Airport
Angatja Airport
Anib Lodge Landing Site
Anna Creek Airport
Anna Plains Airport
Anningie Airport
Annitowa Airport
Anse-a-Galets Airport
Answer Downs Airport
Antabare Airport
Antananarivo Arivonimamo Airport
Anthony Lagoon Airport
Antsiranana Andrakaka Airport
Apollo Bay Airport
Ar Rumaylah Southwest Air Base
Ar Rutbah Highway Strip
Ar Rutbah South Airport
Aracay Abajo Airport
Aramac Airport AXC
Arapunya Airport
Aratika Nord Airport
Araya Airport
Arboga Airport
Arcadia Airport
Arckaringa Airport
Ardlethan Airport
Ardmore Airport
Ardrossan Airport
Areyonga Airport
Arfa Airport
Argadargada Airport
Argyle Airport GYL
Arichuna Airport
Aricuaisa Airport
Arizona 1 Airport
Arkaroola Airport
Arkonam Airport
Arkwrights airstrip/Dunsandel
Armraynald Airport
Arrabury Airport AAB
Arrowsmith Station
Arubiddy Airport
Arvika Airport
As Salihiyah Airport
As Sallum Airport
As Salman North Air Base
Ashburton Aerodrome ASG
Ashburton Downs Airport
Ashford Airport
Ashuluk Airfield
Asisa (Alto Asisa) Airpòrt
Asita Airport
Atherton Airport
Atizapan De Zaragoza Airport
Atley Airport
Atula Airport
Auckland Hobsonville Airport
Augathella Airport
Augusta Airport
Augustus Downs Airport AUD
Auob Lodge Airport
Aurukun Airport AUU
Austral Downs Airport AWP
Autlan Airport
Auvergne Airport AVG
Aveiro Airport
Avery Ranch Airstrip
Avon Downs Airport
Avon Valley NP airstrip
Avonmore Airport
Awantipur Air Force Station
Axe Lake
Ayang Ni Highway Strip
Ayr Airport AYR
Az Zaqaziq
Azraq Highway Strip
Čagona Airfield
Çardak Highway Strip
B I R Airport
Babice Airport
Bacchus Marsh Airport
Bachaquero Airport
Bacubirito Airport
Bad Endorf Joll Airport
Bad Ragaz Airport
Badr El Din Airport
Badu Island Airport BDD
Baft Airport
Bagabag Airport
Bahia de Kino Airport BHK
Bahregan Airport
Baikal Airport
Bajo Verde Airport
Bakblok Airport
Baku Lokbatan Airport
Balaklava Airport
Balcanoona Airport LCN
Balfour Airport
Balgair Airport
Balgo Hill Airport BQW
Baljek Airport
Balladonia Airport
Ballarat Airport
Ballera Airport
Ballidu Airport
Baluza Airport
Bamaga Injinoo Airport ABM
Bamawm Airport
Bamburi Airport BMQ
Bamyili Airport
Ban Huoeisay Airport OUI
Banco Verde Airport
Band Tal Airport
Banjawarn Airport
Bannockburn Airport
Banswara Airport
Baqubah Airport
Baradine Airport
Barillas upper
Barimunya Airport
Barkly Downs Airport
Barkly Wayside Inn Airport
Barmera Airport
Barraba Airport
Barrackpore Air Force Station
Barradale Airport
Barrow Creek Airport
Barrow Island Airport BWB
Barth Airport BBH
Barton Siding Airport
Barwon Heads Airport
Basa Air Base
Base Belgrano II Airport
Bashiqah Airport
Basrah Maqal Airport
Bastak Airport
Batavia Downs Airport
Batchelor Airport
Bathurst Harbour Airport
Battery Downs Airport
Bauhinia Downs Airport
Baumholder Army Air Field
Bayamo Northwest Airport
Bayswater Airport
Börgöndi Airport
Beacon Airport
Beagle Bay Airport
Beaufort Airport
Beausejour/Av-Ranch Airpark
Beaverton North
Bedford Downs Airport
Beechworth Airport
Beenbreek Landing Site
Behbehan Northwest Airport
Behshahr Airport
Beit Bridge Airport
Belele Airport
Bella Vista Airport
Bellalie Airport
Bellechasse Airport
Bellevue Airport
Benambra Airport
Bencubbin Airport
Bendigo Airport
Beni Mellal Airport
Beni Walid Airport
Benmara Airport
Bentinck Island Airport
Bergland Landing Strip
Bernal Airport
Berwick Airport
Betoota Airport BTX
Between Lakes Private Airstrip
Beulah 1 Airport
Beverley Airport
Beverley Springs Airport BVZ
Bharkot Airport
Bhilai Airport
Bhilwara Airport
Bhiwani Airport
Biel-Kappelen Airport
Bielsko Biala Airport
Big Bay Beech strip
Biggenden Airport
Billabalong Airport
Billabong Road House Airport
Billiluna Airport
Bimsfarm Landing Site
Bindook Airport
Bingara Airport
Biniguy Airport
Bir Abu Rahal Airport
Bir Hasanah
Bir Jifjafah Airport
Bir Umran Airport
Birchip Airport
Birlagram Airport
Birobidzhan Yuzhniy Airfield
Birofeld Airfield
Birrfeld Airport
Birrindudu Airport
Birthday Siding Airport
Bitterwasser N. Sta Airport
Bitterwasser North Airport
Bizant Airport
Blackstone Airport
Blackville Airport
Blinman Airport
Bloomfield River Airport
Blumfelde Pan Landing Site
Boatman Airport
Bocon Airport
Bodalla Airport
Boggabri Airport
Boigu Airport GIC
Bokaro Airport
Bollards Lagoon Airport
Bollon Airport BLS
Bolwarra Airport
Bombala Airport
Bon Bon Airport
Bond Springs Airport
Bonn-Hardthoehe Air Base
Bonney Downs Station Airport
Boobyalla Airfield
Boolcarrol Station Airport
Booleroo Centre Airport
Boomi Airport
Boonah Airport
Boort Airport
Booylgoo Springs Airport
Boquemonte Airport
Bor Airport
Bordertown Airport
Borongan Airport
Borroloola Airport BOX
Bothwell Airport
Bou Sfer Airport
Bowen Airport ZBO
Bowthorn Airport
Boyup Brook Airport
Bozcaada Airport
Braidwood Airport
Brampton Island Airport BMP
Branas Airport
Branxholme Airport
Breeza Airport
Bridgewater Airport
Bridport Airport
Briesen Brand Airport
Brighton Downs Airport
Bronzewing Airport
Brooklands Airport
Browse Is Airport
Bruce Rock Airport
Brugge Air Base BGN
Brunchilly Airport
Brunette Downs Airport
Bruny Island Airport
Bryah Airport
Bu Attifel Airport
Budgerygar Airport
Buena Vista del Caño Airport
Buena Vista del Caño Medio Airport
Buhasa Airport
Bulagtai Resort Airport
Bulga Downs Station Airport
Bulgan Sum Airport
Bulgunnia Airport
Bulimba Airport
Bulleringa Airport
Bullo River Valley Airport
Bulloo Downs Station Airport
Bullsport Landig Site
Bunbury Airport BUY
Bundarra Airport
Bunyip Airport
Buochs Airport
Burdekin Falls Dam Airport
Burhar Airport
Burketown Airport BUC
Burnie Airport
Burnpur Airport
Burren Junction Airport
Bush Breaks Lodge Landing Site
Bushy Park Airport
Busselton Airport
Butch Airport
Buttabone Airport
Buttwil Airport
Bygyr Airport
Byrock Airport
Caño Iguana Sur Airport
Caño Negro Airport
Caño Santo Airport
Cabera Airport
Caboolture Airport
Cabuya Airport
Cacuri Airport
Cacurito Airport
Cadjebut Airport
Cadney Homestead Airport
Caiguna Airport CGV
Caio Voisan Airport
Caldervale Station Airport
Calga Airport
Callendale Airport
Callion Airport
Caloundra Airport CUD
Calton Hills Airport
Calvin Grove Airport
Camani Airport
Camden Haven Airport
Camel Creek Airport
Camfield Airport CFI
Camooweal Airport CML
Camp Bastion Airport
Camp Nifty Airport NIF
Campbell Bay Airport
Campbell Town Airport
Campechuela Airport
Campo de Palma Airport
Campo Gobierno Airport
Cananea Airport CNA
Cann River Airport
Cannington Station Airport
Cannon Hill Community Airport
Canon Lodge Airport
Canowindra Airport
Canoxy Airport
Canteen Creek Airport
Cape Barren Island Airport CBI
Cape Borda Airport
Cape Campbell airstrip
Cape Crawford Airport
Cape Don Airport
Cape Flattery Airport
Cape Leveque Airport
Cape Otway Airport
Cape Santa Maria Airstrip
Cape Wessels Airport
Caprivi Strip
Carandotta Airport
Carbonero Airport
Carinda Airport
Carnarmah Airport
Carnegie Station Airport
Carpentaria Downs Airport
Carrao Airport
Carrieton Airport
Casa Madero Airport
Cascais Airport
Caserio la Jocuma North Airport
Casino Airport CSI
Cassilis Rotherw Airport
Casterton Airport
Castlemaine Airport
Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon Airstrip
Cattle Creek Airport
Cattle Creek Airstrip
Caujarito Airport
Cayama Nueva Airport
Cayoateri (Coyowateli) Airport
Cazorla Airport
Ceibana Airport
Cementos Mexicanos Airport
Centenary Airport
Central Bolívar Airport
Century Mine Airport
Ceres Airport
Cerro Bolívar Airport
Cervantes Airport
Cessnock Airport CES
Ch'o do Airport
Chajuraña Airport
Chakulia Airport
Chanda Airport
Chandragadhi Airport BDP
Changjin-up Airport
Changyon Highway Strip
Chaparalito Airport
Charikar Airport
Charlton Airport
Charters Towers Airport CXT
Chatsworth Airport
Chaumont Airport
Chelinda Malawi Airport
Chelyabinsk Shagol Airport
Cherrabah Airport
Chiang Rai Airport
Chicken Strip
Chik-Tong Airport
Childers Airport
Childra Airport
Chillagoe Airport LLG
Chilpancingo Airport
Chinazón Airport
Chivapure Airport
Chorhata Airport
Chorobobo Airport
Christmas Creek Station Airport
Chungribu Airport CVB
Citronfjorden Ice Landing Strip
Ciudad Camargo Southeast Airport
Ciudad Guzman Airport
Ciudad Pemex Airport
Ciudad Piar Airport
Clare Station Airport
Clarke Island Airport
Clifton Airport
Clonagh Airport
Cluny Airport CZY
Coahuayana Airport
Cobden Airport
Cockatoo Island Airport
Cocklebiddy Airport
Coco Airport
Coco de Mono Airport
Coconut Island Airport CNC
Cocuiza Airport
Codsa Airport
Coemba Airport
Coffin Bay Airport
Cohuna Airport
Colac Airport XCO
Cole Landing Zone Airport
Coleambally Airport
Coleraine Airport
Collarenebri Airport CRB
Collector Airport
Collector2 Airport
Collie Airport
Collinsville Airport KCE
Collymongle Airport
Comitan Airport CJT
Commonwealth Hill Airport
Conargo Airport
Condobolin Airport CBX
Coniston Airport
Conjuboy Airport
Consuelo Airport
Cooinda Airport CDA
Cook Airport
Coolah Airport CLH
Coolawanyah Airport
Coolgardie Airport
Cooloola Village Airpark
Cooma/Polo Flat (Unlic) Airport
Coonana Airport
Coonawarra Airport
Coondambo Airport
Coondewanna Wa Airport
Coongan Airport
Cooranbong (Unlic) Airport
Cooranbong Airport
Cooranga Airport
Copper Hills Airport
Copper Triangle Airport
Coppins Gap Airport
Coral Bay Airport
Cordoba Airport
Corocito Airport
Coromandel Aerodrome CMV
Corona Station Airport
Corowa Downs Airport
Corrigin Airport
Cosala Airport
Coshiloateri Airport
Cosmo Newberry Airport
Cottbus (Cottbus Army) Airport
Cotten Creek Airport
Courtelary Airport
Cowarie Airport CWR
Cowdray Airstrip
Cowell Airport CCW
Cowes Airport
Cranbrook Airport
Croker Island Airport CKI
Cromwell Racecourse Aerodrome
Crookwell Airport
Croydon Airport CDQ
Crystal Brook Airport
Cuatro Cienegas New Airport
Cudal Airport CUG
Cuddapan Airport
Cue Airport CUY
Cumarebo Airport
Cummins Airport
Cummins Town Airport
Cunderdin Airport
Cupeyes Airport
Cupul Airport
Curdimurka Airport
Curtin Springs Airport
Cuthero Airport
Cuttack Airport
Dadswells Bridge Airport
Dagworth Airport
Dahalak Island Airfield
Dahra Airport
Daintree Airport
Dairy Creek Homestead Airport
Dajarra Airport DJR
Dakhla Airport DAK
Dalby Airport DBY
Dale River Airport
Dalgaranga Airport
Dalgety Downs Station Airport
Dalhousie Airport
Dallas Airport
Daltonganj Airport
Dalwallinu Airport
Daly River Airport DVR
Daly Waters Airport
Damghan Airport
Dangxiong Air Base
Dannevirke Aerodrome
Daporijo Airport DAE
Daraw Airport
Darbhanga Airport
Dargaville Aerodrome DGR
Darlington Airport
Darlot Airport
Darnick Airport
Daulat Beg Oldi Advanced Landing Ground
Davenport Downs Airport DVP
Dazu Air Base
De Grey Homestead Airport
De Rose Hill Airport
Deep Well Airport
Deesa Airport
Dehdadi Airport
Deir El Gill Airport
Delamere Range Facility Airport
Delamere Station Airport
Delegate Airport
Delicias South Airport
Delissaville Airport DLV
Delmore Downs Airport
Delta Downs Airport DDN
Depot Outcamp Airport
Depot Springs Airport
Derrinallum Airport
Derry Downs Airport
Devoncourt Airport
Dewadaru - Kemujan Island
Dezful Airport
Dezful Highway Strip
Dhalinbuy Airport
Dhana Airport
Dhulia Airport
Diemal Find Airport
Dignangan Airport
Dimbulah Airport
Dingleburn Station Airstrip
Dirkou Airport
Dittingen Airport
Divača Airport
Divriği Airport
Dixie Airport
Diyarbakır Northwest Airport
Dneiper Airport
Doña Bella Airport
Dochra Airport
Docker River Airport DKV
Donald Airport
Dongara Airport
Donnington Airpark
Donors Hill Airport
Doomadgee Airport DMD
Doongan Airport
Doongmabulla Airport
Doornpoort Airstrip
Doris Lake
Dorunda Airport DRD
Doshan Tappeh Air Base
Dostmohammadkhan Kalay Airport
Dowerin Airport
Droeplaas Landing Site
Drysdale River Airport
Duketon Airport
Dulacca Airport
Dullingari Airport
Dumayr Air Base
Dumbleyung Airport
Dunbar Airport DNB
Dunk Island Airport
Dunmore Manila Airport
Dunolly Airport
Dunwich Airport
Durham Downs Airport DHD
Durrie Airport DRR
Dwight Airport
Dynevor Downs Airport
Earaheedy Airport
Earlston Airport
Ecuvillens Airport
Edenhope Airport
Edmonton/Morinville (Currie Field)
Edmonton/Morinville (Mike's Field)
Edmund Station Airport
Eggebeck Air Base
Eildon Weir Airport
Eintracht Airstrip
Eket Airport
El Abiodh Sidi Cheikh Airport
El Alcaravan Airport
El Alto Airport
El Asiento Airport
El Callao (El Perú) Airport
El Capitán Airport
El Carmen Airport
El Carrao Airport
El Cenizo Airport
El Centro Airport
El Congo Airport
El Corozo Airport
El Cubo Airport
El Diamante Airport
El Dormitorio Airport
El Embrujo Airport
El Estrecho Airport
El Flagelo Airport
El Fuentero Airport
El Fuerte Airport
El Guayabo de Cojedes Airport
El Guayabo del Zulia Airport
El Jabillal Airport
El Jibaro Airport
El Karama Airport
El Kharga Airport UVL
El Lucero del Zulia Airport
El Mango Airport
El Manteco Airport
El Merey Airport
El Milagro Carabobo Airport
El Milagro Cojedes Airport
El Milagro Oeste Airport
El Milagro Sureste Airport
El Millanero Airport
El Minya Airport
El Morichal Airport
El Palmar Airport
El Pardillero Airport
El Paují Airport
El Piñal Airport
El Progreso Airport
El Pueblito Airport
El Questro Airport
El Respiro Airport
El Rocío Airport
El Rosario Airport
El Samán de Barinas Airport
El Samán de Guárico Airport
El Sharqi Airport
El Terrón Airport
El Tor Airport ELT
El Yagual Airport
El Yavi Airport
Elblag Airport
Elderslie Airport
Elengerah Airport
Elkedra Airport
Elmore Airport
Elsenthal Grafe Airport
Elverum Starmoen Airport
Emkaytee (Unlic) Airport
Empujeca Airport
Emu Junction Airport
Emu Park Airport
Encontrados Airport
Engonnia Airport
Enoggera Airport
Ensenada Airport ESE
Entrerios Airport
Epenarra Airport
Epsilon Airport
Erebastina Airport
Erldunda Airport
Ernabella Airport ERB
Eromanga Airport ERG
Erong Station Airport
Errabiddy Homestead Airport
Erudina Airport
Escott Airport
Escravos Airport
Esfahan East Airport
Esmeralda Airport
Espinho Airport
Espino Airport
Essen Mulheim Airport ESS
Essex / Billing Airstrip
Essider Airport
Euabalong Airport
Eucla Airport EUC
Eudamulla Station Airport
Eulalia Airport
Eulo Airport
Eura Airport
Eureka Na Airport
Euroa Airport
Evans Head Aerodrome EVH
Evelyn Downs Airport
Everard Park Airport
Evora Airport
Exmouth Airport EXM
Faaite Airport FAC
Fagerhaug Airport
Fagotrans Airport
Fairview Airport
Falcon Dam Airport
Farafangana Airport RVA
Faraway Bay Airport
Farrell Flat Airport
Fausto Vega Santander Airport
Federation Hsd Airport
Fernando Air Base
Fife Airport
Finca Yacurito Airport
Finger Gottes Airstrip
Finley Airport
Firuzabad Airport
Fish Creek Airport
Fiskville Airport
Fizuli East Airport
Flat Point Aerodrome
Flefil Airport
Flinders Island Airport FLS
Flora Valley Airport
Flying M Ranch Airstrip
Forest Field Aerodrome
Forrestania Airport
Forsayth Airport
Forster (Wallis Is) Airport FOT
Fort Collins Downtown Airport
Fort Magsaysay Airport
Fortescue River Airport
Fortnum Airport
Fortuna Landing Site
Foxpine Aerodrome
Francisco Airport
Franz Josef Aerodrome WHO
Fregon Airport
Fricktal-Schupfart Airport
Friedersdorf Airport
Friendly Beaches Airport
Frome Downs Airport
Fuerstenwalde Airport
Fukche Advanced Landing Ground
Fundación Layera Airport
Fundo de Buena Ventura Airport
Fundo la Marqueseña Airport
Fundo Santa María Airport
Fursatganj Airport
G 103 Airport
G 107 Airport
G 110 Airport
G 203 Airport
G 213 Airport
G 217 Airport
G 218 Airport
G 219 Airport
G 222 Airport
G 225 Airport
G 227 Airport
G 228 Airport
G 231 Airport
G 233 Airport
G 237 Airport
G 238 Airport
G 239 Airport
G 240 Airport
G 301 Airport
G 307 Airport
G 311 Airport
G 312 Airport
G 313 Airport
G 314 Airport
G 317 Airport
G 404 Airport
G 405 Airport
G 406 Airport
G 412 Airport
G 413 Airport
G 414 Airport
G 417 Airport
G 418 Airport
G 419 Airport
G 420 Airport
G 500 Airport
G 501 Airport
G 505 Airport
G 510 Airport
G 522 Airport
G 526 Airport
G 530 Airport
G 536 Airport
G 605 Airport
G 710 Airport
G 712 Airport
G 806 Airport
Gabo Is aAd sSte Airport
Gabo Island Airport
Gahcho Kue
Galatea Airfield
Galdeville Airport
Galilea Airport
Gallipolli Airport
Galway Downs Airport
Gamboola Airport
Gams Farm Landing Site
Gan Gan Airport
Ganadería Pedernales Airport
Garden Island (Military) Airport
Gardez Airport
Garmcar Sw Airport
Gascoyne Junction Airport
Gawler Airport
Gayndah Airport GAH
Gaziemir Airport
Güeppi­ Airport
Gebel El Basur Airport
Geelong Airport GEX
Geluk Kuala Lodge Airport
George Smith Farm Airport
Georgetown (Tas) Airport GEE
Georgetown Airport GTT
Georgia Peter Schomarz Landing Site
Ghafah Airport
Ghalaysan New Air Base
Ghazni Airport
Ghazvin Azadi Airport
Gianti-1 Airport
Gibb River Airport GBV
Gidgee Airport
Giebelstadt Army Air Field
Gifford Creek Station Airport
Giles Point Airport
Gilgandra Airport
Giralia Airport
Giridih Airport
Giron Airport
Glen Garland Airport
Glen Harding Airport
Glen Ruth Airport
Glenayle Homestead Airport
Glencoe Airport
Glendambo Airport
Glendevie Airport
Glengyle Airport GLG
Glenorchy Airport
Glenormiston Airport GLM
Gliwice Glider Airport
Gloucester Airport
Gnaraloo Station Airport
Gnowangerup Airport
Gokwe Airport
Golden Grove Airport
Gomnab Airport
Gonbad Ghabus Airport
Gondia Airport
Gong Kedak Airport
Goodooga Airport
Goolgowi Airport
Goolwa Airport
Goomadeer Airport
Goomalling Airport
Goondiwindi Airport GOO
Goonoo Goonoo Airport
Gore3 Airport
Gorreh Airport
Gorskaya Airfield
Grampians Airport
Granada Airport
Grand Valley North
Granite Downs Airport GTS
Gravenstein Prv Airport
Great Keppel Is Airport
Great Lakes Vi Airport
Great Mercury Airport
Greenbah Airport
Greenhorn Valley Airport
Greenthorpe Airport
Greenvale Airport GVP
Gregory Downs Airport GGD
Gregory Springs Airport
Grenfell Airport
Greub Landing Site
Greymouth Airport GMN
Grootpan East Landing Site
Grovedale Airport
Grudziadz Lisie Airport
Gruyeres Airport
Guachara Airport
Guaicanamar Airport
Guamo Airport
Guamuchil Airport
Guamus Airport
Guanajuato Airport
Guanarito Airport
Guanay Airport
Guangzhou East Airfield
Guasimal Airport
Guasipati Airport
Guaviarito Airport
Guesipo Airport
Guibes Landing Strip
Guira de Melena Airport
Gullewa Airport
Gullknapp Flpl Airport
Gunbower Airport
Gunnawarra Airport
Gunpowder Airport
Gympie Airport GYP
H3 Highway Strip
Haapamaki Airport
Haast Aerodrome
Haasts Bluff Airport
Habata Airport
Habbaniyah Airport
Habit Awlad Muhammad Airport
Hacienda Bella Vista Airport