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Al Taji Army Air Field Charter Flights

Private Jet can handle all of your charter services needs to or from Al Taji Army Air Field.

Al Taji Army Air Field Details

Type: Medium Airport

Scheduled Service: No


Elevation: 121 Feet

Latitude: 33.5239

Longitude: 44.2567

Runways at Al Taji Army Air Field

Al Taji Army Air Field has 1 runway.

1 5770 Feet164 FeetPEMNo

Radio Frequencies

Al Taji Army Air Field utilizes the following radio frequencies.

1 CTAFCTAF122.000
2 MISCFARP88.100
3 TWRTWR40.850

Tips On Chartering Private Jets to Taji For Your Employees

Traveling by way of any aircraft has always been the most convenient way for people to get around especially when they want to visit the exotic island of Taji. Since the only way to get to the island of Taji is by an aircraft it is essential that you are in the proper aircraft that can land at the $airport code, $airport name. That is because the $airport name has a small landing strip and therefore, large-size aircraft are not able to land. That is why whenever groups of people get a chance to visit Taji they charter a private plane that is small enough to carry them and land at the $airport name. If there are no private planes or jets to land on this small landing strip at $airport name then the visitors will have to take a commercial plane to a larger island nearby and commute by way of ferry to the smaller island.

Traveling is among the most popular activities of many people. When traveling people get to visit and see other places for personal enjoyment. In order to get to these destinations people will need to often travel by air. In order to travel by air they will often need to use plane. While many people use a commercial airline there is another way to travel through air. A private jet is the other option and is among the best ways to travel period. With a private jet people will enjoy many benefits such as comfort, flexibility, convenience and efficiency. They will also be able to save time as they won't have to deal with anything that can delay their trip. Private jets are a great option to use for people who can afford to either buy or rent one. When looking to charter a private jet from Taji, $airport code, or $airport name they can travel by air anytime they want.

Tips On Chartering Private Jets to Taji For Your Employees

Traveling on a private jet is among the more enjoyable and luxurious ways to travel. When using a private jet you will have the ability to travel on your own terms. Most people travel via commercial airline but there are many hassles that one needs to deal with. However with a private jet you are free from these hassles and have numerous benefits as well. With a private jet you will be able to have plenty of room to sit and sleep in. As a result you will have lots of comfort during your flight. When getting a private jet the options of buying or renting one are always available so you have flexibility in that regard. Private jets are very expensive so that is something to keep in mind. Chartering a private jet from Taji, $airport code or $airport name is very convenient for travelers.